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Prince Charles has spent the longest time waiting to be king than any Brit ever. One tabloid claims that he and Camilla Parker Bowles are sick of waiting and want to take control of their own destiny by leaving the UK entirely. Is the Prince of Wales about to live out the rest of his years in Italy? Gossip Cop investigates.

Princess Diana Revealed The Plans

According to New Idea, Princess Diana said in a 1995 Newsweek interview that she thought her ex-husband and his mistress would be moving abroad instead of taking the throne. She revealed that Prince Charles had a "private ambition of owning a farm in Tuscany," which would leave Princess Diana "to groom WIlliam for the throne." A source tells the tabloid, "She believes, and her personal astrologers agree, that Charles will never become King," and Prince William would succeed his grandmother.

These plans are now coming to fruition. Under the headline "moving to Italy," a source told the tabloid that Prince Charles "is becoming increasingly frustrated at being the longest-serving King-in-waiting in history." He's "become even more obsessed with his gardening" and thinks Tuscany would be the ideal place "to relax in his twilight years." There would be "very little guilt" from the royal family because "William and Catharine have proved" that they are "ready to step up."

Princess Diana Never Mentioned Tuscany

The 1995 Newsweek article which New Idea now cites is likely the one providing a recap of Princess Diana's BBC interview from the same year. In that interview, she never mentions her "personal astrologers" or Tuscany at all. When asked if Prince Charles would take the throne, she said, "I don't think any of us know the answer to that." When the interviewer prodded and asked if Prince William, then 13, should be handed the throne, Princess Diana refused to give an answer. "William's very young at the moment, so do you want a burden like that to be put on his shoulders at such an age?" she fired back.

Princess Diana did not say she wanted her son to be given the throne because she felt it was too much pressure to put on a teenager. This entire article is based on words she never said, and as such, can be disregarded. Prince Charles is still, 25 years later, waiting for the throne, but there is no plan to pass him over in favor of Prince William. Stories about Prince William superseding his father are quite common but have no basis in reality.

Royal Gossip Can Get Wild

This tabloid recently claimed that Prince Charles had an affair with Meghan Markle's mother. If it were even close to true, it would probably put a severe strain on the couple's Tuscany plans, so the fact that the magazine's previous reporting is going unmentioned is further proof that this latest tale is untrue.

It claimed last month that Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles are planning to renew their vows, but no such plans are even in the works. Then there was an especially outlandish story about Prince Charles's lovechild being found in the Bahamas. Clearly, the tabloid has no insight into the Prince of Wales's personal life at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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