FBI Raiding Royal Palace After Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview?

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York leaves after speaking at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Bangkok

By Hugh Scott |

Prince Andrew, Duke of York leaves after speaking at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Bangkok

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A tabloid claims the FBI plans to raid Buckingham Palace following Prince Andrew’s now-infamous BBC interview. The story is as ridiculous as it is untrue. Gossip Cop can help straighten things out.

Prince Andrew is enveloped in one of the biggest scandals of the year because of his connection to disgraced financier Jeffery Epstein, whom he was friends with for years before Epstein was convicted of serious crimes in Florida in 2008, including procuring an underage girl for prostitution. Prince Andrew, who is Queen Elizabeth’s second son and currently eighth in line for the throne, claims to have ended his association with Epstein after the 2008 conviction. According to a phony report in Woman’s Day this week, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation may now be investigating him.

The bogus story, splashed across two pages with the headline “FBI Raids The Palace,” is mostly just a recap of the ongoing scandal and a breakdown of Prince Andrew’s recent BBC interview in which he defended himself against allegations that Epstein set him up with underage women. The interview was widely deemed disastrous, particularly because Prince Andrew seemed defensive and never expressed sympathy for Epstein’s victims.

It’s important to note that no criminal or civil charges have been filed against the prince, though he was named in court documents by one of the Epstein’s accusers. Prince Andrew has denied any involvement or knowledge of Epstein’s crimes but has suspended all royal duties for the foreseeable future in the wake of the controversial interview.

Where the tabloid’s story comes off the rails is when it refers to the FBI. A source is quoted by the outlet as saying Prince Andrew’s association with Epstein is “more than enough for the FBI to be extremely interested in speaking with Andrew and members of the royal family – and if they don’t cooperate, they certainly wouldn’t rule out raiding them. Andrew is absolutely not entitled to any kind of diplomatic immunity.” This supposed source’s statement is problematic, to say the least.

The issue here, of course, is that the FBI – an American law enforcement agency – has no jurisdiction over any of the royal palaces in the United Kingdom. While the article implies a movie-style “raid” on the palace, the FBI simply can’t “raid” a building in another country, much less a royal residence in the U.K. Additionally, Prince Andrew said in the interview he is willing to cooperate with any investigation if required to do so.

It should be noted, it was reported on Monday that the FBI is interesting in interviewing Prince Andrew about his connection to Epstein. A royal correspondent told several outlets that the agency is “looking for ways speak to him in Britain through the U.S. Justice Department to see logistically how that could be done.” Raiding the royal palace isn’t a logistical way of that being done. The tabloid is simply exploiting a big news story with a very far-fetched and illogical scenario.

Woman’s Day has a history of irresponsible reporting when it comes to the royal family and the laws regarding them. Last month, the tabloid pushed a phony story claiming Queen Elizabeth II would be handing over the throne to Kate Middleton. That story alleged that the queen told Prince William “he should prepare to step aside for his son and daughter-in-law.” Gossip Cop corrected the bogus article, citing the fact the queen has no constitutional authority to change the line of succession. If the tabloid is going to make such proclamations, it should at least research the law.


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