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Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein has made him an infamous figure in the royal family. The scandal has triggered numerous tabloid stories about him being banned from weddings, photos, and now, the delivery room. One tabloid reports Queen Elizabeth has personally banned her son from the hospital once Princess Eugenie gives birth. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

‘You’ll Never Meet Your Grandchild’

Princess Eugenie is, according to OK!, “worried her disgraced father” will tarnish her new baby. An insider tells the tabloid that “Eugenie’s thrilled about her pregnancy,” but “her dad’s drama is overshadowing her joy. She’s now seeking her grandmother for support because “having Andrew around would bring a lot of unnecessary tension.”

Queen Has Her Back

Luckily, the pregnant princess has Queen Elizabeth in her corner to back her up. Her Majesty is “set on making sure that Eugenie and her great-grandchild are spared any future embarrassment caused by Andrew,” the tabloid says. The “fed-up queen” has officially banned her son from the delivery room.

A “tearful” Prince Andrew was told “you’ll never meet your grandchild,” which has caused sympathy from some in the palace. Princess Eugenie feels “bolstered” by the queen’s ruling, and is “standing firm in her decision” to keep her father away. She’s “doing her best to enjoy her pregnancy” despite her father being a distraction.

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Officially Nothing Has Happened

The article says Prince Andrew is officially banned by Queen Elizabeth. If the queen does anything official it should leave a paper trail. If she unofficially banned him that’s one thing, but if it’s an official ban then this is something that would be traceable. Since no evidence of an actual signed official ban, Gossip Cop can say this is false.

The article also focuses on the idea that Prince Andrew will never meet his grandchild, but only says he’s banned from the living room. Is he banned from the hospital? Is this a restraining order situation that lasts for life? How will the queen enforce such a ban? There are too many questions left unanswered in the vague ruling of an official ban.

He's Delighted To Be A Grandfather

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, told Hello! that both she and Prince Andrew are “overjoyed” to become grandparents. Princess Eugenie has never publicly condemned her father. It seems the tabloid is targeting Prince Andrew with this story without proof to back it up, simply to grab readers attentions with a dramatic (and false) story.

Other Tall Tales From This Tabloid

OK! has a pretty shoddy reputation when it comes to royal rumors. It claimed Camilla Parker Bowles would take over the throne, and that Prince William would conduct a tell-all interview. Neither story was remotely true, nor could the tabloid decide if the Sussexes would move to New York or head to the Bahamas when neither destination was accurate.

Whatever “insiders” the tabloid claims to have within the royal family either know nothing or are completely made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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