“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “We’ve All Got Baggage”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap February 22 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap February 22 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars set their sights on a new suspect in Charlotte’s murder… and someone got married! Here are the most important things to know about “We’ve All Got Baggage,” the 17th episode of season 6.

The show began with the Ali, Hanna, and Emily entering Sara’s abandoned Radley hotel room. They were stunned to find the hole leading to the secret basement had been patched up. But the maid who followed them into the room wasn’t a staffer at all, but someone in disguise… Uber A?

Caleb corrupted the file with Spencer’s mom’s medical records so her opposition would no longer be able to access it. Spence still worried her mother would be “ambushed” before the election, and was also panicked about the missing portion of Melissa’s suitcase, which matched the murder weapon for Charlotte’s homicide. Spencer confronted her mom about hiding that her cancer returned, but wouldn’t tell Mrs. Hastings how she found out about it. Mrs. Hastings insisted she had a clean bill of health, but had kept it secret so she wouldn’t scare off voters. Spencer urged her to come clean so she wouldn’t be “blindsided” later, especially since her campaign was all about “transparency” and “integrity.”

Mrs. Hastings took the advice and told the public the truth about her illness. But all the goodwill was at risk of becoming undone after the opponent’s camp accused the Hastings campaign of leaking Yvonne’s medical records, revealing she had once terminated an unwanted pregnancy. Spencer was convinced Mona was responsible, while Caleb thought it was Sara. But the opposition traced the leak back to Spencer’s IP address, and Caleb took the responsibility so his new girlfriend wouldn’t be blamed. Mrs. Hastings responded by not only firing him from her campaign, but demanding he move out of their barn.

Hanna showed Aria’s mom possible wedding dresses, and she admitted she hadn’t chosen a gown for her own nuptials yet. She avoided calls from Jordan, and insisted to Aria she had “no issues” with Caleb dating Spencer. She was clearly uncomfortable, though, when she saw them engaging in PDA. Hanna flashbacked to a run-in with a drunken Melissa in London years prior. At the time, Melissa said Wren had left her, and that he had gotten calls from Charlotte. Melissa was clearly worried her past with Bethany would be exposed, and that led Hanna and Spencer to now think it’s possible she was responsible for Charlotte’s murder, as she would be motivated to keep her quiet.

Aria was convinced she’d be fired for passing off her writing as Ezra’s, but Liam encouraged her to confess to him, and then tell their publisher he was changing the plot. Of course, Liam still didn’t know about their history. Before she could decide what to do, Aria’s dad asked if she would get ordained to officiate his wedding to Ella, and she was shocked to find out her brother Mike was unsupportive of the nuptials. Aria finally confessed to Ezra what she had done with the new chapters, and he understood she was just trying to project him.

Liam and Ezra then had an awkward meeting, in which Ezra assured him that the book wasn’t about their relationship. Liam was quite angry to discover their less-than-professional connection, and ignored Aria’s calls afterward. She later put on a happy face and beautifully married her parents, only to discover Liam was in attendance. Aria apologized for not being “completely honest” about her history with Ezra. But she insisted that writing about their romance allowed her to work her feelings out, and she assured Liam she wants to be with him.

As for Emily, she was desperate to find another way into the Radley basement, convinced Sara was hiding down there. Before she could investigate, she went to Hollis to enroll in classes, where she met Damian, the student reporter who previously ruffled Spencer’s feathers. Emily then received a package from A, warning her, “You need to start talking before our baby does.” After, Hanna and Spencer warned Emily that Damian was playing her, but she saw it as opportunity to use him to find out info.

He confirmed that Melissa was in town the night of Charlotte’s murder, despite Spencer’s sister’s previous denial. Emily then went to the diner where the DiLaurentis house received a call from that fateful night, and someone seemingly tried to run her over… repeatedly. Climbing on top of a storage shed to escape, Emily found the missing part of Melissa’s luggage. She dropped it, though, and A… or someone… picked it up and drove off.

Meanwhile, Ali received her first text from A, saying, “Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night? I do.” Ali then admitted to Elliott that she told Charlotte about their relationship the night of her murder, and now she felt she drove her sister out of the home with the revelation. Elliot told Ali not to push him away over her guilt, and he told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, essentially proposing.

In the episode’s final minutes, Hanna tried on a bridal veil and finally called Jordan, telling him that she wanted to get married in May. Spencer was upset over Caleb willingly being a scapecoat, and he said he could only “cover for one sister a time.” Emily told Hanna she didn’t think it was Sara who came after her, but she didn’t know who. She was convinced, though, that whoever it was, wanted to cover up Charlotte’s murder. So is there more than one person after them? “There’s definitely two,” one who wants to keep it all a secret and one trying to get it all exposed.

At the very end, Ali and Elliot went to Aria and begged her to marry them right then and there. In the final scene, A leafed through a manual, while eating a piece of wedding cake. Next week: Hanna’s bridal shower… and a fire.


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