“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Wanted: Dead Or Alive”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 1 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 1 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars doubted whether Elliott was really dead, while someone else actually died. Here are the most important things to know about “Wanted: Dead Or Alive,” the sixth episode of season 7.

The show began the day after Ezra’s proposal, with Aria meeting the girls at The Brew. Hanna thought Elliott was still alive, while Spencer insisted he was dead. Aria thought Jenna and/or Mary Drake was now helping A.D. cover up Elliott’s actions, with Sara assisting. Ali showed up in the infamous red jacket, angrily revealing she knew they pinned Charlotte’s murder on her to rescue Hanna.

Aria and Ezra awkwardly passed each other at the coffee house, and a voicemail revealed the proposal ended with them both “upset.” Hanna was working on Lucas’ business plan when Elliott’s burner phone began ringing. “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead,” said the voice on the other end. Aria tried to assure her that Elliott was dead, and she was just being “tormented” by Jenna or Mary. Hanna wanted to go to the police, fearful of being tortured by Elliott some more.

Due to that drama, Aria missed a call from Ezra. She confessed the proposal to Hanna, saying she told him she had “to think about it.” She explained she didn’t want to accept not knowing what her future held, which prompted Hanna to confess she’d been hiding her breakup with Jordan. Unlike them, Hanna insisted she and Ezra were “meant to be.” Unbeknownst to them, a supposed police officer was watching their conversation from afar.

Spencer went to Ali’s to keep tabs on Mary, where Marco came to update them all on the investigation into Elliott’s deception, revealing he was also wanted in the UK for theft and fraud. His theory was that Elliott wanted everyone to think he was gone, but was still close by with “unfinished business.” He said Ali was in “danger,” and there’d be 24-hour police protection until they caught him. Privately, Spencer apologized to Marco for acting weird after their elevator hookup and said they should stay platonic because of the investigation, insisting Ali had told him “everything.”

Spencer next went to the Lost Woods Resort, where she was nearly attacked by Mary, who claimed she was fearful of Elliott, also thinking he was still in the area. Spencer believed her paranoia was real, leading them to suspect it was Jenna who was now carrying on the new threats. Meanwhile, Caleb and Ezra commiserated at The Radley about their love lives and the tangled Rosewood web, with Caleb saying he felt like there’s something the girls weren’t telling them. He and Spencer met at the barn, where he apologized for being “confused” about things. Spencer cried that she didn’t “regret trying” their romance because he restarted her heart after Toby. But with that, they officially ended things.

Aria went to Ezra’s but before she could talk, he said they could “take a step back.” She insisted she wants to marry him and say yes, “but something happened, and it’s something that may make you wish you never asked me that question.” She then apparently confessed everything about Elliott.

At The Radley, Emily brought room service to Jenna, and snooped around, seeing a car rental website on her laptop and a folder on Charlotte. She was interrupted by Sara, and Emily point-blank accused Jenna of “threatening” them. Sara insisted she cared about Emily and they were looking for the same thing. A flashback then showed Jenna knew Charlotte and Archer were together, and, in fact, had helped him develop the Elliott identity and get the hospital job. Jenna had also been helping to look for Charlotte’s birth mother. Now in the present, she was clearly upset by Elliott’s disappearance and convinced the Liars had something to do with it. Sara warned Emily to stay away for her own safety, but Jenna cut her off because she could reveal who the threat was.

Ali confronted Mary over Charlotte calling herself “CeCe Drake,” but she insisted they “never met.” She ended up crying about Ali’s mom taking everything from her. Ali later complained to Emily about being duped by Charlotte, and Em gave a heartfelt apology for her role in things that went down while she was locked up. Upon leaving Ali’s, she passed a police officer, the same one who had been watching Hanna and Aria earlier.

Hanna and Spencer comforted each other afterward, and Spence even told her to tell Caleb about the Jordan split. They were interrupted by the burner phone, with the caller saying, “First you turn her in, then you leave her all alone. Stupid bitches.” They called Ali to warn her that Elliott may be alive and “coming” for her, leading her to ask the cop outside to come into the house. Of course, he attacked her, and she peeled off part of his fake face before cop sirens sounded and the guy ran out.

Understandably, all the girls were panicked afterward, and thought Elliott/Archer might still be out there, particularly since there was a “Honey, I’m Home” message painted on Ali’s wall. In the episode’s final minutes, Ali apologized for pushing Emily away earlier, and they embraced. Seeing Aria so emotional led Ezra to propose again, and this time she said “completely, absolutely” yes. Meanwhile, Sara was trying to make a quick escape from the Radley when she was stopped by someone.

And at the end, Spencer and Hanna went to dig to see if Elliott’s body was still where they buried it… it was, but someone was recording them on camera. The episode ended with a Radley maid finding Sara’s bloodied and dead body in the bathtub.

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