Pretty Little Liars Recap: “To Plea Or Not To Plea”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap March 3 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap March 3 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Alison was offered a plea deal that put the girls in jeopardy. It all culminated in one Liar getting ARRESTED. Here are the most important things to know about “To Plea or Not to Plea,” the 22st episode of season 5.

1. Alison met with her lawyer, who discouraged her from taking the stand in Mona’s murder trial because she’s not believable and has no one to corroborate where she was at the time of the killing. She insisted someone else could testify that she was set up, but was forced to consider a plea deal: take responsibility and name who assisted her, and she’ll get 15 years in prison, and possibly be released in 10. The alternative? Potentially facing life without parole. Ali returned to her cell to find it in disarray and “TAKE THE PLEA” painted on the wall. Later in the laundry room, Ali found herself suddenly alone and let out an earth-shattering scream when something startled her. We didn’t see what happened, but she was left bleeding, and it was enough to make her call her attorney and say she’ll take the deal, if she can be moved to be a safer facility. Mrs. Hastings, however, discouraged her from taking the deal and sacrificing one of her friends in the process.

2. The police were building a case against Hanna, believing she was Ali’s accomplice. Mrs. Hastings broke the news to Ashley, and revealed that bone fragments were indeed found in the storage bin that the police saw Hanna near. Hanna overheard the conversation and promptly freaked out, but Caleb tried to calm her, saying that if the police had enough evidence against her, they would’ve arrested her already. Ashley demanded she come clean with her, and Hanna explained the history of the storage unit. Toby later told Caleb that a judge issued a warrant for Hanna’s arrest, and she wanted to run. Caleb instead suggested she tell the police all about A, but Hanna refused, fearing retaliation, and how the rest of the girls would be affected when all their years-long secrets and lies came out. She reluctantly went to the police station, ready to show Detective Tanner all the evidence on her cell phone… just as someone hacked into it and wiped it clean.

3. Emily suggested Aria seek out Ezra to find out if he knows who Varjak is, since he did so much research for his book. Before she could, Emily saw Andrew left Aria a note asking her to dinner, and she was forced to admit they kissed the night before. Aria said she got “caught up in the moment,” and pushed Emily to talk Ezra herself. Ezra, unfortunately, never saw the name Varjak before, except on Ali’s fake passport. But since everything Mona’s supposed lawyer gave Hanna was really just a plant by A, he suggested they confront the man for answers. When Ezra demanded to know who really hired him, the attorney refused to name names, even when Ezra threated to go to the police. Ezra, Emily, and Aria then trailed the lawyer to a gated location, but Em was the only one who made it in before the fence closed, and went to investigate, unaware there was a surveillance camera. A pizza delivery receipt revealed it was indeed the residence of a Varjak, and Emily saw the lawyer in the house emptying a safe and retrieving a gun.

4. Ezra and Aria had their first real talk in weeks, shortly after he saw Andrew had sent her a text that read “Congrats on the killing the test, beautiful.” He, of course, wanted to know who Andrew was, and Aria just said he was just helping her study. Ezra admitted he was disappointed she didn’t tell him about her college admission, and Aria not-so-convincingly swore she wasn’t avoiding him. But the next day, Aria admitted to Ezra that she actually was avoiding him, because while she doesn’t blame him for anything she missed out on in high school, she did confess, “I think when I go away to college, I should be single.” Ezra sadly agreed and told her, “But if we’re going to end it, I think we should do it now.” Aria told him, “I can’t imagine my life without you.” He replied, “You don’t have to. I want you in mine, too. We’ll figure something out.” SIGH.

5. Meanwhile, Spencer remained in London, where Melissa was back from her trip with Wren. Spence was slated for an interview at St. Andrews, but she wanted to go home to be with her friends through the Ali drama and to work things out with Toby. Convinced to stay, however, Spencer became excited when Melissa’s roommate Collin invited her to see Hamlet at the famous Shakespeare theater. Before the outing, she and Melissa had a serious talk about her sacrifice, and they vowed to start over from a place of honesty. Spencer and Collin later bonded over beer following the play, and he encouraged her to start anew. Things quickly went from fun to flirting, and they shared a passionate kiss back at the apartment. But as a worried Spencer became determined to go home after finding out about Hanna’s issues, Melissa was forced to reveal that their mom never actually set up another interview for her. Instead, they were keeping her out of Rosewood to avoid her being entangled in Ali’s plea deal. Spence was furious and stormed out as Melissa cried that she was just trying to protect her.

Hanna was ultimately arrested, NOT because Ali took the deal and named Hanna as her accomplice, but because Tanner found the clothes from Mona’s murder had Hanna’s blood on them. Caleb, Ezra, Aria, and Emily banded together to help get Hanna out, but their phones, with every message A ever sent them, ended up getting hacked too. A new text message followed: “Let’s all start with a clean slate — A.” Emily revealed she kept the receipt she found with Varjak’s phone number on it, and Ezra concluded, “Either Varjak is A or Varjak is helping A.”

A tearful Hanna, clad in an orange jumpsuit, was walked past Ali’s cell as other inmates taunted her. Ali then told her lawyer she changed her mind — she would not be taking the plea after all. Now only two episodes remain until the #BigAReveal on the season finale later this month. Who do YOU think it is?


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