“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “The Wrath Of Kahn”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 23

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 23


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Hanna was determined to prove Noel is the new “A,” while Aria and Jason investigated Mary’s past. Here are the most important things to know about “The Wrath Of Kahn,” the ninth episode of season 7.

The show began with Aria, Spencer and Emily concerned over Hanna’s sudden trip to New York. In actuality, she had set up a lair of sorts, and made a video saying, “My name is Hanna Marin. If you find this video before I finish what I need to do, something went terribly wrong. Please give this to the police.”

Marco told Spencer that Elliott/Archer fled to France, and the case was no longer in his jurisdiction. With no conflict of interest, he asked her out, but she said it’s “too soon” after her relationship with Caleb. Later, Spencer found Noel’s address, and realized it was the same area where Hanna was held captive. After breaking in to his cabin with Emily, they found a USB with video from their time in the Doll House showing Noel was apparently helping Charlotte torture them.

Emily was disturbed to see Noel had ordered a cake from Sabrina, and told her not to work with him. “Trust me when I say that he’s dangerous,” she vaguely insisted. She then went to her swim coach interview, where Paige boosted her confidence, despite being up for the same job. Paige asked her to hang, and Emily said she’s seeing Sabrina, but it likely wouldn’t last because of the secrets of her past and present. “It’s happening again,” she confessed. “Please don’t ask me any questions.” Emily later asked a concerned Sabrina to be “patient” with her.

Jason asked Aria about the fire at his aunt’s, and she confessed what they found in the cellar, including the paperwork on Mary’s second adoption. Together they went to the court house in hopes of getting county documents. A flashback showed the two in bed together, and Jason inviting her on his charity trip to Ethiopia, though she was focused on a post-graduation job. Back in the present, the court clerk mistook them for an engaged couple.

Meanwhile, Aria wanted to take the USB footage to the police, but not without Hanna. The girls confirmed she wasn’t with Lucas or Mona, and Caleb was determined to track her down before she did something. Spencer went home, where a storm knocked the power out, and tortured herself by watching the footage on her mom’s laptop. She then left a message for Marco, saying she needed his help and to come over. After a window broke, she saw a hooded figure just as Marco arrived, and then realized the USB was now gone. Naturally, Marco didn’t find anyone in the house.

At the same time, Aria went to Jason’s, and opened up about Ezra going to Colombia and the Nicole mystery. He comforted her, saying she and Ezra were “always meant to be.” That led to another flashback, where she told Jason she took a job. He was suspicious because it was with the same company that published Ezra’s book and was working on the next one. Now in the present, she admitted he was right — she wanted the job to bring them back together.

Amidst all this, Hanna followed Noel as he dumped a bag of trash, finding a smashed phone in it that appeared to be Sara’s. She then bought drugs that would knock a person out for “hours.” After crushing the pills, she anonymously texted Noel to meet her at a pub if he wanted the phone back. She later put the drugs into a beer and confronted Noel, saying, “I know you killed Sara.” Hanna went on to taunt him, but said, “You help me, I help you.” But he was suspicious of the beer, and when she wouldn’t take a sip from his glass, he forcibly took Sara’s phone and warned, “Be careful, Hanna, or you’ll end up just like Sara.”

Towards the end of the episode, Hanna ignored a voicemail from Emily warning her that she was right about Noel and he’s “dangerous.” Emily called Paige to come over so she could tell him about Noel. Aria received a text from Ezra that Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages, and he was coming back tomorrow,, leading her to burst into tears. Jason was faxed the adoption file, which was heavily redacted, except for the name of the judge: Noel’s dad. “I think he adopted Mary’s baby,” Aria said.

The show ended with Hanna hitting Noel over the head, knocking him out. “It’s over, bitch,” she told him. Next week is the mid-season finale!

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