Pretty Little Liars Recap: “The Melody Lingers On”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap March 10 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap March 10 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Alison went on trial for Mona’s murder as the Liars worked to uncover evidence that would get Hanna out of jail. Here are the most important things to know about “The Melody Lingers On,” the 23rd episode of season 5.

1. On the even of the trial, Alison’s lawyer refused her pleas to tell all on the witness stand, stressing that they really just needed to get one of the 12 jurors to doubt the prosecution’s case. On a collect call, Ali and Emily both apologized to each other, and she promised to be in court. The next day, she and Aria were in the gallery as the prosecutor’s opening statement called Ali’s kidnapping story a “fairytale” that was aided by her friends. Ali’s father confronted Aria and Emily afterward for causing her to be in this situation.

2. Spencer’s mom Mrs. Hastings told her, Aria, and Emily to stay away from the trial, a warning they angrily rejected as they tried to investigate the phone number associated with Varjak. Spencer, however, ultimately stayed away from court as her mother demanded, and the next day, the girls were with Caleb when the Varjak number finally called them back… playing a French song. It was revealed to be a song Mona used to play, leading them to think more answers could be found in her bedroom. Later, Spencer and Jason had a tense discussion where he blamed her for making him wrongly believe Ali was guilty. Spence defied her mom the next day to watch Jason testify, and he went against his deposition, now saying he did not believe Ali was the one seen assaulting Mona on the surveillance tape.

3. Hanna’s mom Ashley was unconvinced that this wasn’t all Ali’s fault, and only cared about getting her daughter out of jail. After court adjourned the first day, Hanna and Ali discussed their various A theories, with Ali still convinced Mona was involved, as her text message communications with A stopped when Mona were killed. During a visit with Caleb, Hanna expressed her fear that things won’t work out, and urged him to get far away and some place safe. During Jason’s testimony the second day, the prosecutor got him to admit he and Ashley had relations, suggesting that Ashley convinced him to change his statements about Ali in order to help her “accomplice,” Hanna. Though the judge ruled the testimony inadmissible after Ali’s attorney objected, the affair now being exposed caused problems for Pastor Ted, and Ashley tried to break up with him, believing she’d only bring him down.

4. Aria re-connected with Andrew for the first time since their kiss, and their conversation turned to the trial and Mona, whom he called “vicious.” Aria and Emily went Mona’s house in hopes of seeing her mother, who was absent from the trial, but she wasn’t home. They later returned with Spencer, and Mrs. Vanderwaal was still not there. As they were leaving, however, the French song began playing from Mona’s bedroom. With the door unlocked, the girls went in… and found Mona’s room ransacked, and a message possibly from A. Aria thought it was a trick, though, and they found Mona had hidden an index card with the phrases “Chandelier’s rituals,” “Sister launched lair,” “A ruler’s list chained” written on it. Unbeknownst from them, Andrew was watching from outside the house. At The Brew afterward, Andrew apologized to Aria for making it seem like he thought Mona got what she deserved, and he surprised Aria with a quick kiss.

5. At a jail visit following Jason’s testimony, Ashley apologized to Hanna for affecting the case. During their own visit, Jason and Ali made peace, and she told her brother, “You had the right idea a long time ago: Get out. Just leave Jason. Do it now.” Meanwhile, as Spencer tried to figure out Mona’s puzzling phrases, Emily was at The Brew, where she turned on Johnny’s secret whispering machine. Emily listened to the anonymous messages… until it began playing the French song.

The episode then cut to a medical lab, where a screw driver, previously seen in Mona’s house and labeled Boo’s Boo’s Ice Cream, was being examined. The show ended with a hooded figure shredding documents, including Paul Varjak’s social security card, and then feeding a caged bird. Now there is just one more episode until the #BigAReveal on the season finale later this month. CAn you hAndle it?


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