Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Songs Of Innocence”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap June 9 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap June 9 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars struggled to recover after escaping A/Charles’ Dollhouse. Here are the most important things to know about “Songs Of Innocence,” the 2nd episode of season 6.

1. The episode picked up with the girls in the hospital following their escape/rescue. They debated whether Andrew was actually Charles at the same time Toby arrested him, and as Alison asked her dad about the ‘Charles DiLaurentis’ name. Mr. D seemed stunned but denied the existence of such a person. Toby was initially convinced the case was closed after the cops found Andrew’s “manifesto,” but Spencer wasn’t so sure. She began to panic when she got home and her mom wouldn’t let her take anti-anxiety medication due to her past addiction issues, and nightmares about the torture she suffered in the Dollhouse (and apparently caused the others to suffer) followed. Spence insisted to Ali that her Mr. D was lying, and Toby soon had doubts about Andrew’s guilt. When she later found herself alone in Aria’s room, Spencer stole some of her pal’s medication.

2. An also-hospitalized Sara Harvey revealed to Emily that she had run away from home when she was kidnapped near Rosewood and awoke inside the Dollhouse. Hidden away for over two years, Em was suspicious when Sara suddenly left the hospital, presumably with her mom. Emily took her anger out at a gun range, refusing her mom’s suggestion to get therapy and Paige’s offer to come back to town. Em’s own memory revealed, as Spencer’s nightmare suggested, that A/Charles had pitted the girls against each other, forcing them to repeatedly choose one to suffer, or else they all suffered. Emily broke down with Mrs. Fields, and later found Sara outside her home after she again ran away, because her mother was supposedly unhappy about her return.

3. Hanna began having hallucinations when she returned to her (actual) bedroom, and started redecorating in attempt to rid herself of the memories. Her short fuse had both Caleb and her mom (extra) concerned, and she refused Ashley’s idea to get together with the girls to pick out new things. Hanna admitted to her mother that they were toyed with in the Dollhouse, with games where only one person could get water. She wondered how they could ever go back to the way things were when she couldn’t even look them in the eye now.

4. Aria, also suffering from flashbacks, was eager to talk to the police to ensure Andrew wouldn’t hurt them again. She thanked Ezra for saving her life, and refused his suggestion to write out her feelings. An investigator told Aria and her mom that they connected Andrew to the silo where they were kept, but the teen had to admit they never actually saw his face as they were held hostage, due to the masks worn by A/Charles. Aria later attempted to apologize to Spencer for what they did to each other in the Dollhouse, but both stopped short.

5. Alison had an awkward and tense run-in with Toby and his new partner Lorenzo, who she again saw at church. They had a little flirtation, which continued at The Brew. All the separate storylines converged in the episode’s final minutes. Emily called Spencer to tell her Sara had doubts about Andrew being A/Charles, a chat that includednAria and Hanna. The show ended with Andrew professing his innocence while behind bars, and Alison looking through a photo album of Jason… with pictures missing.

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