Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Songs Of Experience”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap June 16 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap June 16 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars attempted to resume their normal lives post-captivity, but life was anything but normal in Rosewood. A counterpart to last week’s “Songs Of Innocence,” here are the most important things to know about “Songs Of Experience,” the third episode of season 6.

1. Emily let Sara Harvey, clearly suffering from PTSD after two years of captivity, stay at her house. Sara opened up a little bit about running away from home, and revealed her mom had given away all her possessions. After Emily later left Sara alone with a burner phone, she got a FaceTime request that showed Sara sleeping in Em’s bed… with someone holding a knife to her neck.

2. Aria, adamant that Andrew was A/Charles despite Sara’s doubts, admitted to Ezra she wasn’t ready to go back to school, and he suggested she hide out at The Brew. The two discovered Andrew was adopted, which made Aria theorize that he was older than they thought… and possibly formerly named Charles DiLaurentis. She was later enraged to find out that Andrew was being released from jail, as he had an alibi for both Sara and Mona’s kidnappings.

3. Hanna seemed to be the only one insistent on returning to school, where she saw Dr. Sullivan, who said she was now consulting with the Rosewood High counselors. Still suffering from flashbacks of their torture, Hanna seemed desperate to keep the Liars together. She attempted to stage an “intervention,” and brought the girls to Dr. Sullivan’s office for a group therapy session. But before they could begin, Emily received the FaceTime mentioned above, complete with a message demanding they leave without mentioning his/her name, or “someone dies.” So… who sent it?

4. Spencer argued with Alison over whether Charles DiLaurentis actually exists, and whether Jason should be informed. When Spence finally asked Jason about the “Charles DiLaurentis” name, he recalled there being a “Charlie”… his imaginary friend as a child. One day, Jason claimed, his dad said “Charlie” had to go away, and Jason never saw him again. The implication was perhaps Charlie wasn’t so imaginary after all, and instead Jason was tricked just into thinking he was.

5. Ali and Lorenzo continued their flirting, as Toby watched suspiciously. He asked Spence to keep them apart, and she had to admit she couldn’t completely trust her pal, despite Ali blaming herself for everything that’s happened to the group. Ali later said that Toby “hated” her, which Spence couldn’t exactly deny. Ali copped to having an interest in Lorenzo, but thought he would never go for someone like her. Spencer later tried to put in a good word for her.

After all that, Ali was shocked about Jason’s “Charlie” admission, and led the Liars on a search of her home to investigate what her father might be hiding. Aria found a photo that matched the film they saw in the Dollhouse, showing Mrs. DiLaurentis with baby Ali and Jason with another boy, presumably Charles, or rather, Charlie. Ali asked them to leave so she could speak with her dad alone, and the Liars ran into a freshly-released, and seriously angry, Andrew. He furiously told Aria that all he had been trying to do was find her after they were kidnapped, and now he wanted nothing to do with her and the rest of them.

The confrontation with Andrew finally got the girls to open up about the torture A/Charles put them through, in which they were forced into flipping switches where one of them would be shocked, or so they believed. But none of the Liars said they actually were, leading Spencer to conclude that A/Charles just wanted to show that, when pushed to the brink, they would make desperate choices.

Emily then returned home to find Sara with a fresh hairdo, while Spencer fought with her mom over her safety, before taking one of the pills she pilfered from Aria. Hanna and Aria both tried re-adapting to their surroundings and normal habits. And Ali added the aforementioned photo back to the family album, and showed a stunned Jason. They later confronted their dad, but his admission about Charles/Charlie couldn’t be heard by viewers. Instead, the camera zoomed out to reveal a hooded figure dressed in black was watching them from outside. TELL US: Do you think ChArlie is Jason’s twin?


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