Pretty Little Liars Recap: “She’s No Angel”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap June 30 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap June 30 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Mona returned to Rosewood to deal with the fallout of faking her death, and then getting kidnapped by Charles/A. Here are the most important things to know about “She’s No Angel,” the fifth episode of season 6.

1. The show opened with Spencer having yet another hallucination, this time featuring a little girl, and she was as determined as ever to remember everything that happened in the Dollhouse, and figure out who A/Charles is. Hanna questioned Spence’s odd behavior and point-blank asked if she was “buzzed,” but Spencer made no mention of getting high off pot cookies. Spencer went to a Narcotics Anonymous-like meeting, where she ran into Dean, her former sober coach. She gave him her stash, and he offered to be there for her if ever needed. Mona later told Spencer she knew nothing about a young girl at the Dollhouse, but it wasn’t clear if she was telling the truth. Then, when exploring the closed-down Radley with Hanna, Spence had more visions, and realized she had mixed up the location of her hallucinations. They also found further proof that Charles DiLaurentis is indeed dead.

2. Hanna was stunned to find Mona back in town, and Mona was convinced Alison was plotting revenge on her for getting her locked up. Mona was also terrified about having to meet with the cops about her fake death scheme. Hanna was more concerned about unraveling the mystery of A/Charles, but at The Brew, they were confronted by an angry Lesli, who called Mona a “conniving little bitch” for her death plot because she fell for it. Lesli later apologized to Hanna for lashing out, but suggested they all try to move on and stop the quest to uncover A’s identity. Mona then left a card in Ali’s mailbox, supposedly offering an apology.

3. With Sara still fighting with her apparently drunk mom, Emily suggested she get legally emancipated. Caleb, obviously having his own experience in this area, suggested Sara just wait the few months til she turns 18, but Emily adamantly felt she lost enough time over the last two years. Still, Caleb offered Sara a job with his web company. Sara was later granted permission to stay with Em’s family in the meantime, and they went to get tattoos to celebrate. Sara got a bird fleeing a cage on her back, while Emily opted for the Japanese symbol for courage.

4. Alison felt imprisoned, both by the cops still patrolling her home, and by the town’s opinion of her. From her house, she worked with Lorenzo on plans for the church’s youth group, until Mr. DiLaurentis made him leave. Lorenzo later guessed that Mr. D was really just angry with himself for failing to protect his daughter. Lorenzo also got a new officer named Lydia to be the one to keep watch. Touched by his gesture, the two shared their first kiss. And then their second. But Ali and Mr. D went on to have another argument about getting back to normal life.

5. Aria continued to bond with college student Clark over photography, but became on edge when he began taking pics of her. And when he asked her out, Aria said she wouldn’t be dating for a while. Clark then admitted he knew about her traumatic history, which only made Aria more uncomfortable. Spooked at a junkyard where they were taking photos, Aria thought Clark might’ve inadvertently captured A/Charles on camera, and secretly snatched his pics. Later, a close-up examination showed a hooded figure, who actually appeared female.

Most importantly: Sara freaked out about A possibly being a girl, and admitted she’s seen a female following her lately, too. She felt betrayed that Emily was still secretly investigating without her, but they were both sent running when it seemed like someone was watching them. Meanwhile, Spencer and Hanna were spooked by noises in Radley, only to find Mona was also there.

Mona was actually stealing Lesli’s OWN Radley file, as that’s apparently how they actually met. As it turns out, Lesli was a patient there for “a long time, long enough to known Mona, and Charles.” That info, combined with Aria’s photo, and the revelation that Lesli shared a room there with Bethany Young, had Hanna and Spencer thinking Lesli was A/Charles. Emily and Aria still had their doubts, but then the episode cut to Lesli angrily melting down on the phone when Mona told her what the girls now knew. The last scene had A/Charles creating a purple and black wig, similar to Aria’s old hair, on a tennis ball. TELL US: WhAt is your new A/ChArles theory?!


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