Pretty Little Liars Recap: A Proposal Goes Wrong, And Mona’s Body Possibly Found

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Pretty Little Liars January 20 2015 Recap

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars January

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Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars” featured Aria, Spencer, and Hanna struggling with some big lies, while Emily tried to get over Paige’s cross-country move. Get the full recap below!

The 16th episode of season five, called “Over A Barrel,” kicked off with Spencer telling the rest of the girls about getting rid of the knife that was believed to be used in Mona’s death, fearing that their prints may have been on it, and they continued to worry they would still somehow getting the murder pinned on them, convinced now that someone was helping Alison continue to be A. And Aria was desperate to apply to another college before A could tell Ezra about the awful essay she wrote about him to get into Talmedge, but the clock appeared to be ticking when A sent her another threatening message at The Brew.

Hanna was uncomfortable to see Pastor Ted back from a service trip, knowing her mom Ashley hooked up with Jason the night before. “I know what I saw, and I just don’t understand why,” she complained to her mother, who had no interest in delving into the details of her hookup. At The Brew, Emily continued to clash with the new caterer Ezra hired, Talia, and remained on edge over Paige’s move. Ezra was having management issues of his own, and unwittingly kept stopping Aria every time she tried to open up to him, but coincidentally told her he could assist her with getting into Vassar via the professor he introduced her to. She then received a text message, believed to be from the missing Detective Holbrook, whom they believed to be in cahoots with Ali, asking to meet. Despite Emily’s reservations, Aria was convinced it wasn’t an “A trap.”

Spencer was completely not thrilled to get her own college acceptance letters, explaining to Toby that they were all schools far from Rosewood to get away from Ali. “She’s behind bars, and I still can’t far enough way of her,” she cried out as they continued to fight over the murder case. They were interrupted by Johnny, who just moved into the Hastings’ barn, and he seemed particularly interested in the fact that Toby is a cop. A college student-turned-traveler, he then went through Spencer’s garbage to get old food he planned on using to make paints. The two started bonding over his art interest and his trip to Italy. Spencer’s good mood, however, disappeared as quickly as it came when she received a text message notification about Mona that included GPS coordinates.

She quickly teamed up with Hanna and Caleb to investigate the text, and he determined that it was likely pinpointing where Mona’s laptop, taken from Aria, was being stashed, but was shocked that someone apparently broke through the security encryption. Spencer and Caleb went to the location, a storage facility, where they ran into a Rosewood teacher, who said there’s been an awful smell coming out of the particular unit in question, which is apparently owned by a woman with blonde hair. They then picked the lock of the teacher’s unit to get into the ceiling’s air duct to then access the unit next door.

Hanna left them to meet with Ted, who asked to talk with her. She was convinced he knew about Ashley’s cheating, but in actuality, he just wanted to get Hanna’s permission to propose. He explained he wanted to be a family, but wanted to make sure she was “all in” with the idea. He was set to propose at dinner that night, and Hanna called her mother to talk things out. Meanwhile, Aria waited to meet Holbrook, and was surprised to be approached by Jason, and they awkwardly spoke about Ali being in jail. At it turned out, he was expecting to meet Ashley for a “working lunch,” but when she canceled, he asked Aria to dine with him instead. “It might actually be nice to talk about Alison,” he told her. Jason feared Ali was “capable of a lot,” and revealed that the police believe she had help transporting Mona’s body. Aria shared the girls’ Holbrook theory, and he thought it was possible he was involved.

Caleb and Spencer’s plan worked, and they discovered the storage unit did indeed have the computer. She quickly deduced that everything was “too neat,” and Caleb thought some of the items, likely seemingly bloodied clothes in plastic bags, were evidence being held by Holbrook. “He’s keeping it to build a case against one of us,” Caleb feared. They discovered there was also an overlarge barrel, and the pair wondered if Mona’s body was hidden inside. “Mona was a lot of things, but she didn’t deserve this,” exclaimed Spencer, who noticed all the chemical ingredients in the room and assumed they were being used to either preserve or destroy Mona’s remains. And then we got this exchange: “So, she’s being pickled or dissolved?” “Did you really just say that?!”

Back at Caleb’s, he wiped any security footage that showed them at the storage space, and he suggested tipping Toby off to their findings. Spencer declined, saying she didn’t want to risk Toby’s job until they had definitive proof of Holbrook’s involvement. Not surprisingly, viewers were left to wonder about what really was in the barrel. Hanna again confronted Ashley over Jason, and she insisted it was “nothing.” The teen stopped short of revealing that Ted was set on proposing, but simply said she liked him, and liked them together, and didn’t want to see the relationship ruined.

Aria’s meeting point was changed to a flower shop, with her believing Holbrook had seen her talking to Jason and got “spooked.” She was then surprised to be given a bouquet of flowers that she was told to deliver to none other than Ashley. When Aria arrived, she interrupted the dinner with Ted, and up in Hanna’s room, expressed confusion over the card being from Jason. Hanna quickly concluded it was all Ali’s doing, and likely her own fault, and was forced to reveal she visited Ali in jail, despite the group’s agreement not to. Aria was pretty angry, and Hanna exclaimed, “Well, I faced her for all of us. I told her to back off. This is her backing off.” At the end of dinner, Ted got on one knee, telling Ashley he wanted to “spend the rest of our lives together being grateful for the gift of you.” Ashley crushed him, however, by saying she needed a minute to think before leaving the room. After he left heartbroken, Ashley admitted to Hanna that he “deserves the truth.”

At the same time, Toby and Spencer had a powwow about the possibility of her going to college “an ocean away,” and she suggested he could come with her. Their nice chat was interrupted, however, when he saw a text from Caleb that said, “Found something. Call me.” Toby was quite pissed off to find out they were still investigating, and demanded the duo stop. “Whatever you say, officer,” she told him as he stormed off. She was later visited by Johnny, who was still curious about Toby, and about Ali as well. He revealed he, too, sought to get away, and ditched college to travel the world, an idea that seemed incredibly tempting to Spence, and one that stopped her from returning Caleb’s call.

After a few more tense interactions, Talia realized Emily, who had been wearing one of Paige’s old shirts, was upset about her ex, and tried to lift her spirits. “I don’t know if I’m ready to feel brand new,” said Em, prompting Talia to remark, “Well, how can you when you’re carrying your old relationship around on your back?” But the more Emily thought about it, the more she realized she needed to let it go. She added the shirt to a package of Paige’s belongings to send her. She then went back to The Brew for her paycheck, and Talia at first seemed to be flirting with her, but then commented on how Ezra had “cute buns.”

At the end of the episode, Caleb went to Hanna’s and nervously revealed the results of his investigation. He discovered the storage unit is rented in none other than Hanna’s name, and he’s “pretty sure that Mona’s body hidden inside of it.” For the final scene, the show cut to Holbrook’s office at the police department, where a hooded figure accessed his computer. TELL US: WhAt do YOU think is going on?!


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