Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Out, Damned Spot”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap February 10 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap February 10 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars struggled to make college plans as suspicion about Mike being the new A grew stronger. Here’s the most important things to know about “Out, Damned Spot,” the 19th episode of season 5.

1. Aria was caught cheating off classmate Andrew’s math test, and explained to him that her college admission is dependent upon picking up her grades. He offered to tutor her, and Spencer warned her be “be careful there,” due to Andrew’s “dimples, mostly.” Ezra was surprised to find out via Emily that Aria had received admission to a new school, as they aren’t talking during their relationship break. Andrew, smarter and beefier than ever, seemed interested in their romance, and even more curious about what was going on with Mike.

2. Hanna found out she was denied financial aid for college, because even though her now-jobless mom Ashley doesn’t have the greatest finances, her dad Tom’s wealth was preventing her from being awarded any money. The teen was desperate to talk to her father in hopes that he would help, but Ashley, who had finally confessed to Pastor Ted that while she wanted to marry him, she had cheated on him with Jason, was determined to figure out a solution without Tom. Hanna, however, went to see her dad at work, and was crushed when she found out that he was footing the entire bill for stepsister Kate to go to college, but wouldn’t give her more than $10,000. After getting some comfort from Ezra (platonically, of course), Hanna decided to enter the Glass Slipper beauty pageant since it had a $20,000 prize, and used her determination to fix her situation to motivate her mom to fight for her relationship with Ted.

3. Emily and Talia found themselves growing closer, but both were hesitant to open up about their pasts. Imagine Emily’s shock, then, when she discovered her new kissing partner was married. When confronted by an angry Emily, Talia was clearly upset and later explained that she and her husband Eric have been together since high school, and he’s well-aware of her interest in women and her “need to be true” to herself. Asked why they’re still together then, Talia deemed him her best friend and called the situation “complicated.” She apologized, and Emily admitted she has her own secrets that she’s not ready to share, out of fear it would scare her away. That was enough for them to find some common ground and hold hands.

4. Spencer, still having issues with Toby, accepted Jonny’s invitation to accompany him as he painted a mural at Hollis, ignoring her parents’ orders to reach out to extended family members with college contacts. It came out that Jonny had an ex-girlfriend, Sophia, and that he tends to fall for those who are “unavailable, emotionally or otherwise.” Foreshadowing! Naturally, lots of flirting followed, and both seemed to be aware of their chemistry, which came to an abrupt end the next day when Spencer found out the mural she helped him with was not sanctioned by the school, and was actually vandalism. She freaked out and blasted him, particularly since although her murder charges were dropped, she still has to stay out of trouble. The development was enough to get Spencer to send a letter to Melissa, asking if she could secure college help from Wren. She and Jonny later made up, though, and came to an agreement about “boundaries.” Which apparently includes Johnny “trying” to keep his obvious interest in Spence under wraps.

5. As if the Liars’ hands weren’t already full with all the college and romance drama, they still had to deal with the possibility that Aria’s brother Mike was working with Alison. The girls were disturbed to see Mike at the church’s blood drive, where he stole vials of blood. Aria still refused to believe her younger sibling could be the new A, but her suspicion grew stronger when Mike got a call from inmate “Hank Mahoney.” Aria, convinced it was really Ali calling, confronted her bro, who refused to give her any answers. Emily later saw Mike withdrawing $400 from a bank account holding $18,000, and she, Aria, and Spencer followed him to a random diner, where it was revealed he was meeting “Hank Mahoney,” a.k.a. Cyrus, “Ali’s fake kidnapper.” It turned out Mike wasn’t handing over the cash, but the blood Aria, Hanna, and Spencer had donated at the drive. A text message from A followed: “Thanks for donating to my get-into-jail fund.” Cyrus confronted them afterward for spying, but Andrew, who had driven the girls to the diner even though he was in the dark about what was going on, prevented them from being harmed.

Back at Spencer’s afterward, she, Hanna, and Aria shared their fears that their stolen blood would lead them to getting blamed for Mona’s murder. They were also still worried about Cyrus coming after them, when unbeknownst to them, Mike was watching from outside Spencer’s door. The episode then ended with the final scene showing a hooded figure putting the blood from the Liars’ vials onto the evidence taken from Mona’s murder scene, as the recording of Hanna and Caleb talking about breaking into the storage unit played on a laptop. TELL US: WhAt do you think will hAppen next?


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