“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Original G’A’ngsters”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 9 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 9 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Jason returned to Rosewood, concerned about Mary, and the Liars became more suspicious of Noel. Here are the most important things to know about “Original G’A’ngsters,” the seventh episode of season 7.

The show began with the Liars at the Radley, where Spencer gifted the girls name-plate necklaces. A message from A.D. on their check read, “Roses are red, violets are blue. You killed Elliott, and I could’ve killed you.” Police then arrived to remove Sara’s body as Jenna cried.

Spencer resolved to steal Jenna’s laptop to find out why she had a “Charlotte” folder, and asked Toby why she’s really in town. “She was looking for forgiveness,” he said, with a flashback showing the step-siblings watching fireworks on a family trip, where they bonded until she made a move to kiss him. Now her return to Rosewood was the first time they reunited. Toby and Spencer’s chat was interrupted by the news of a home invasion at his place, where Yvonne was attacked and then hospitalized.

Hanna obtained Jenna’s Radley room card to investigate, and was caught by… Caleb, who saw her entrance via his new hotel security job. While she was at the spa, he managed to get Jenna’s lockbox key, which Hanna and Spencer then used, discovering documents. They hid under the bed when Noel came in, after he taunted Emily at the bar. He then left a message for a female doctor, saying he was “running out of time and patience.”

The girls realized it was Noel who broke into Toby’s trailer, stealing the file he had on Mary. Toby was understandably angry that Yvonne was caught up in the drama, and vowed to find who was responsible. Spencer, however, told him that they should leave town and escape while they still could. “No one’s ever really safe in Rosewood,” she told him.

Toby later confessed that the house he was building wasn’t originally for Yvonne, but her. But with Yvonne’s hospitalization, he couldn’t imagine life without his fiancée. He revealed they have family in Maine, and would be starting a family there, though it was unclear if Yvonne was already pregnant. The two shared a tearful goodbye, and it seemed much was left unsaid. “I’ll see ya,” he told Spencer.

As they looked over the documents together, Caleb realized Hanna wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. She ultimately confessed she and Jordan broke up, saying, “I thought you should know.” She admitted the loss she was feeling was over him, not, Jordan, and asked if they’re still friends. “Always,” he responded.

Ali and Mary painted over A.D.’s wall message when Jason returned home. The siblings were happy to reunite, and Jason revealed he had a court order to be Ali’s guardian. He then demanded Mary leave the property, angry over her work with Elliott. Ali actually defended her, and begged Jason to give her a chance.

Ezra was amusingly overwhelmed by wedding planning with Aria, and suggested they elope to Tuscany. After Sara’s death, he just wanted to skip town with her. As Aria considered it, Jason asked to secretly meet. He was clearly stunned by her engagement, as it was implied they had a fling at some point over the last few years. But his real concern was getting Aria to help with his investigation of Mary, thinking she stole the Carassimi Group’s money.

Aria later joined him at Ali’s for an awkward dinner with her and Mary. Aria and Jason were in agreement that Ali was getting played, and she was angry that it was “two against one.” She also picked up on their closeness. And as Jason and Mary clashed, a flashback showed that the time he thought his mom was hiding someone in their aunt’s home, it was actually Mary, demanding answers for what she thought that was Charles’ death.

Mary referenced a storm cellar, which Aria thought might hold clues for them. And while she wanted to investigate right away, Emily encouraged her to elope with Ezra instead. So, all the Liars but Aria went to the cellar, which they discovered had a file cabinet with folder on each of them, except Aria. Mrs. DiLaurentiis also had files on Mary, one of which revealed she had a second child who would be their age… and “might want revenge.”

In the final few minutes, as Ezra and Aria packed to leave, the FBI showed up telling him that Nicole “may be alive.” Back in the cellar, Ali concluded her mom had been looking for her, aware she didn’t stay buried. They all ran out when Spencer’s car alarm went off and discovered the keys missing. As they all got in, though, the car automatically locked, and a countdown started. When it ended, a message on the GPS read, “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, you die.”

And with that, a fire erupted in the cellar, and a message written on the back car window said, “I see you.” The last scene showed A.D. burning Noel’s file, but holding on to Aria’s.


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