Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”

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Pretty Little Liars February 3 2015 Recap

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars February 3 2015 Recap

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars were thrown for a loop when a new girl came to town claiming to have known Mona. Here’s the most important things to know about “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me,” the 18th episode of season 5.

1. The Liars were shocked to meet a girl named Lesli, who claimed to be a friend of Mona’s for years and in town to give support to her mother as Alison’s trial neared. Not surprisingly, the group was skeptical that her motives could entirely be pure (this is Rosewood, after all), and Hanna was uncomfortable that she had such different memories of Mona than she did. In a flashback to a sleepover she and Hanna once had, Mona’s anger towards Ali’s came through as strong as ever. Their connection became all the more disturbing when lab results revealed the blood found in the storage unit matched Ali’s, and not Mona’s.

2. Hanna continued to worry that she would end up going down for Ali’s murder, particularly with Detective Holbrook back in town. The officer, however, was suspended from the Rosewood PD for “inappropriate behavior,” and he not surprisingly harbored some anger towards Ali’s friends. Shortly after Hanna discovered a hidden cassette tape in Mona’s room that seemed to be a recording of Bethany bashing Ali during a therapy session at Radley, she and Holbrook came face to face on a dark road, and he claimed that his dealings with Ali weren’t nefarious…. until she turned on him. “You’re getting me mixed up with the wrong fall guy,” he insisted, before becoming sexually and physically aggressive. Hanna then took great pleasure hitting him with a metal bar.

3. Aria was stunned to find out her brother Mike was secretly visiting Ali in jail, considering she (allegedly) killed his girlfriend. He had an emotional run-in with Hanna and Lesli after seeing they had a book from Mona’s room (later revealed to be hiding the aforementioned tape), and the new girl in town revealed she overheard an argument between the couple the night before Mona was killed. Aria later followed Mike to a lake, where she saw him purposefully leave some candy, and then confronted him about seeing “dangerous” Ali. He demanded his sister stop following him and giving him orders. Spencer and Hanna become convinced that Mike was Ali’s connection to the outside, but Aria continued to defend him… just as Mike went to visit the jail once again.

4. Spencer’s mother was pressuring her to decide which college she would attend, and she sought distraction through Jonny, who was building an art installation for The Brew. She was dismayed to see he had one of the old “missing” flyers about Ali, and he once again seemed particularly interested in the situation. Still, Spencer was impressed by his creativity and the way he uses it, which only further fueled her college dilemma. As for Toby and Spencer? Their relationship remained as strained as ever, and she regretted putting him in an awkward position over Ali’s case.

5. Emily was surprised to see Talia giving her the cold shoulder after the caterer had seemingly confessed her interest in her. But just when Em would write her off, she and Talia would share a flirtatious moment. The confusion just made Emily feel guilty for being preoccupied with her love life with Ali behind bars for murder. Things became sexually-charged when they tried out Jonny’s “whispering” machine, and Emily confessed she should’ve said something the other night when Talia admitted her attraction. Talia revealed herself to be more vulnerable than previous though, and Emily went in for the kiss.

The episode ended with a hooded figure angrily discovering the tape was missing from Mona’s room. Was it Mike? Is he the newest A? Share your theories in the comments!


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