“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap July 21 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap July 21 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” with Charles returning home, the Liars made a plan to trap him and reveal he’s A. Here are the most important things to know about “O Brother, Where Art Thou,” the seventh episode of season 6.

1. Mr. DiLaurentis, scared of Charles coming back, took Alison to “someplace safe,” a hotel in an undisclosed location. The Liars were frustrated when she went MIA, and Lorenzo, too, was upset, when he couldn’t get a hold of her. Jason, still at home, found a birthday party invite on their porch, and he refused to join his father and sister in hiding despite the apparent danger. Ali called Spencer to warn her about Charles’ homecoming, and later gave her dad sleeping pills so she could secretly leave the hotel, with Mona picking her up.

2. The Liars were angry when Lesli refused to meet with them give more info about Charles, but Mona swore she wasn’t hiding anything. Aria wanted to go the police, but Spencer insisted they’d be better off protecting Jason by going to the location of the “party” themselves. For Charles not to know they were coming, however, they had to cut themselves to remove the tracker chip in their necks.

3. Spencer and Toby had a kiss-filled reunion when he returned to town, but she blew him off to meet up with the girls, and ignored his request that they don’t keep secrets anymore. But she later decided to get him involved with the new plan to meet Charles, so they’d have security if need be. She finally filled Toby in on what had been going on since their rescue, and he was angry she was withholding new info from the police. He insisted on going to meet Charles without any of the girls, and set out with Lorenzo.

4. The morning after their hookup, Sara’s friend Claire, from her pre-kidnapping days, asked Emily to arrange a meeting. Em offered to join in make Sara feel comfortable, but suggested they take time to think about what they want before hooking up again. Emily was clearly jealous during the hangout, though, and was upset when Sara wanted to go stay with Claire. A kiss, however, made her feel much better.

5. Hanna found out her mom scored her a $30,000 college scholarship, but she was concerned when she found out the company behind it was linked to Radley, and Spencer thought Charles and the DiLaurentis family could be responsible. Meanwhile, Mike confronted Mona over ignoring him ever since she was rescued, and she seemed to be guilt-ridden over what she put him and everyone else through.

Most importantly: Spencer panicked when she didn’t hear from Toby, who unwittingly ate pot-laced gummy bears he found in Spencer’s bag. Jason went to the mysterious location, which appeared to be an old arcade. With Ali unable to reach him or anyone else, she called 911 to report that they were all in danger, with her brother Charles DiLaurentis responsible.

Just as Charles was about to reveal himself to Jason, Toby and Lorenzo showed up with guns drawn. But Toby, completely out of it from the overdose of weed, was of no use, and Charles was able to escape as the Liars showed up. Right after, additional police, having found the invite at the DiLaurentis home, arrived, but it was too late.

Back at home later, Hanna’s mom blasted her for putting herself in danger again, and Ashley revealed she already deposited the scholarship check, despite Hanna’s concerns. Mike comforted a crying Aria, who was tired of living in constant fear. Right after, she found out she was a finalist in the art competition that could be her ticket out of Rosewood. Spencer was devastated over both failing in their Charles mission and Toby becoming ill from the drugging. Emily, now alone with Sara gone, smashed her tracker into pieces.

At their home, Alison begged Jason not to turn to alcohol, and he revealed he planned on bringing Charles to the police after he had “one moment with my brother.” Suddenly, an old home movie began playing in the attic, showing an older Jason and Ali playing with “Freddie” (Charles) at an arcade on his birthday as Mrs. DiLaurentis watched. A card left next to the projector read, “I wAnted to trust you.” The final scene showed Charles/A opening a birthday gift “from your friend and ally.” The present? A giant picture of Ali, Jason, and Freddie/Charles from that arcade birthday party. TELL US: WhAt do you think is going on with Charles?


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