“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “No Stone Unturned”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap July 14 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap July 14 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars turned their A/Charles investigation to Lesli Stone, Mona’s supposed friend. Here are the most important things to know about “No Stone Unturned,” the sixth episode of season 6.

1. The Liars were determined to catch Lesli “in the act,” and Hanna went to Philadelphia to see if the college science lab she worked at would yield any clues. Upon arrival, she “borrowed” Lesli’s car, in which it was discovered she had multiple pairs of fake glasses, wire cutters, and unassembled crates. Back in Rosewood, Hanna’s mom comforted Caleb over Hanna continuing to keep distance between them. When Hanna returned, Caleb impulsively kissed her, and they made out.

2. Emily and Sara had some awkward sexual tension before Sara met with Caleb to learn some computer programming. They bonded over being “on the outside looking in,” as Emily and Hanna shut them out of their ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, Nicole, who worked with Emily in Haiti, showed up at The Brew, completely clueless about what Em had been through lately until Ezra filled her in. Nicole came to invite Emily on summer project in Thailand, and she impulsively accepted. Em returned home to find Sara bleeding after she was side-swiped by a car while she was biking. The vehicle seemed to match Lesli’s car, and it was clear A/Charles was still after her, making Emily feel she couldn’t leave Sara behind for the trip. She denied to Nicole, though, that she had any romantic feelings toward Sara.

3. Spencer received some comfort from Dean over pressure she was getting from her mom and sister to speak at the Rosewood High commencement about everything she’s survived. Sara, however, encouraged her to speak up. Dean was later pissed when Spencer skipped their counseling meeting, and told her he couldn’t see anymore because he wanted to be more than friends, and she was still with Toby. The revelation caught Spencer by surprise, and she seemed both confused and tempted.

4. Aria was on edge around Clark after previously snatching his photos. At the junk yard, Aria discovered a doll that wasn’t there before, with another that looked just like her (dyed pink hair and all). The teen was perplexed by how A kept knowing where to leave signs for them. Ezra dropped by Aria’s home with a recommendation for the photo contest she was entering, and she lied about the source of the doll. He clearly seemed to still care about her, leaving Aria a bit conflicted.

5. Hanna, Aria, and Spencer went back to Philly at night and snuck into the science lab. When sensors started going off, Spencer realized A/Charles had installed chips in the back of their neck while they were in the Dollhouse. Caged animals led Hanna to have some flashbacks, and she started letting them out, including one angry raccoon. The lights then went out… and suddenly Mona was there, asking them if they lost their minds. The threesome accused Mona of working with Lesli, and Mona denied Lesli had anything to do with A/Charles. Mona insisted Charles is still alive, and only making Lesli appear to be the guilty one, explaining that Charles escaped from Radley the same night Bethany ran away.

Hanna later filled Emily in, Spencer attended a meeting where Dean was nowhere to be found, and Aria stopped herself from going into The Brew when she spied Ezra bonding with Nicole. Emily later got into bed with Sara, and after Sara went in for a kiss, they made out.

Most importantly: At the beginning of the episode, Alison’s dad was freaked out by a birthday card left on his car, and toward the end of the episode, Mr. DiLaurentis was frantically contacting doctors. The show ended with Mr. D digging up Charles’ grave, and the camera showed the card’s message: “Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party. To die for. Just you. Love, Charles.”

Now there’s just three episodes left until the summer finale. TELL US: Who do YOU think is A/ChArles?


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