“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Last Dance”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 4 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 4 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars’ prom was anything but the perfect night thanks to Charles/A. At the start of the show, the girls found out the school board were prohibiting them from attending prom for safety reasons, leading the parents to plan a personal prom in the Hastings barn. Here are the most important things to know about “Last Dance,” the ninth episode of season 6.

1. Alison received a text message supposedly from Charles, demanding she be at prom for their “last dance.” She later got a call from an unknown number, who she assumed was Charles, and told him she wouldn’t be at the prom. Lorenzo was suspended indefinitely from the police source over Ali stealing his key card, and Spencer tried to fix things between them. Ali later got dressed for prom and made like she was going to the barn, but instead ran into the woods with a red-caped, masked figure following, before going to the actual Rosewood prom.

2. Aria couldn’t reach Clarke after he was spotted going into the abandoned doll factory after Rhys. After finding out she won the arts fellowship and internship in L.A., Aria panicked over whether she’d even be safe to go. Ezra offered to attend the barn prom to assuage some of her fears. At the event, Aria saw a flight confirmation for L.A. on Ezra’s phone, and thought he was planning to follow her. He later revealed he was actually traveling to Thailand for Habit for Humanity.

3. Hanna was upset when Caleb made plans to go to New York with his dad instead of attending the “pity prom,” and she was suspicious when he packed a massive laptop. Hanna concluded he was planning to track down A/Charles himself. Meanwhile, Spencer was crushed about missing the school prom, losing her right to give her valedictorian speech at graduation, and learning Toby would be suspended from the police force for the pot incident.

4. Emily invited Sara to prom, only to find out Sara’s own school was having theirs the same night. She ended up going solo, like Hanna, with Toby and Ezra being the only guys in attendance. As the group scrolled through social media pics of the Rosewood prom, they saw Ali in the background, and realized she must’ve gone there to meet Charles. They followed suit, and Aria confronted Clarke, who was there taking photos, and he gave no answers. The girls then confronted Ali, who stormed away, determined to meet her “brother.” Meanwhile, Emily had a romantic reunion with Sara, who came to find her, as did Hanna and Caleb, who revealed he scored a job in New York to support them for a post-graduation move.

5. As the girls were in the barn, all their moms drank in the Hastings home and discussed all the sordid things that have happened with A and the DiLaurentis family. As Veronica got drunker, she got angrier about the situation, and Pam wondered what role Mr. DiLaurentis played in everything. They all went to the DiLaurentis home next door to confront him, but they surprised by none other than Rhys, who was supposedly looking for Mr. D, too. Ella, however, immediately thought he was Charles. The women later heard a noise in the basement, and then got locked in.

Most Importantly: Ali finally found who she thought was Charles, and followed him. As Clarke ran after her, the group confronted him and found he had a gun, and he revealed himself to be an undercover agent, who had been working their case all along. He was at the prom to protect Ali, and now worried it was too late. Indeed, Ali was grabbed from behind and dragged away by a figure in black. Lorenzo showed up, and joined the search as everyone went to look in different places of the prom venue.

They found Ali’s dropped phone, just as the hooded figure let go of Ali, and she demanded to see who he really is. As he/she/it removed the hood, the episode ended with Ali exclaiming, “Oh my god.” Next week is the midseason finale, and A/Charles will (supposedly) finally be revealed. TELL US: Who do YOU think is ChArles/A?


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