Pretty Little Liars Recap: “I’m A Good Girl, I Am”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap March 17 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap March 17 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Alison’s trial had dire consequences for the Liars and their loved ones, and the jury delivered a shocking verdict that wasn’t even the biggest twist of the episode. At the start, it was revealed we were now two months into Ali’s trial, and there was even a cameo from “Pretty Little Liars” author Sara Shepard as a news reporter. Here are the most important things to know about “I’m A Good Girl, I Am,” the 24th episode of season 5.

1. The Liars were shocked to see Mona’s supposed friend Lesli called to the witness stand to testify that Ali had threatened Mona, that the Liars, including Hanna, had tried to stop her from investigating what happened to Mona, and that Mona’s boyfriend Mike had “attacked” her. Though Ali had never heard of Lesli before now, Hanna was convinced she wasn’t an A agent. Caleb was eager to do something to counter Lesli’s testimony, such as having Mike take the stand, but Hanna was resigned to the situation. A tearful Caleb, however, refused to give up on her. Later, desperate to talk to each other, Hanna and Ali both injured themselves so they would end up in the infirmary. They seemed to purposefully get caught passing a note so the information on it about A would end up in Ali’s lawyer’s hands.

2. Aria was fearful her brother Mike would get dragged into the trial, but he regretted not going to the police in the first place and was sure he could help both Hanna and Ali if he shared what he knew. Aria distracted herself with work on the Rosewood High yearbook, only to discover a ginormous tongue stuffed into the box, which she took as an A sign that Mike should be keeping quiet. Ezra told Aria she should take that “gift” to the police, but she refused, seeing as where that led Hanna. She wanted Ezra to stow Mike at his cabin, and he reluctantly agreed. Andrew, who earlier held Aria’s hand in court, startled Aria at school, and was jealous that she went to Ezra for help when they’re now a thing of some sort.

3. At the cabin, Ezra and Mike were stunned to see Caleb waiting for them, and he demanded Mike return to Rosewood to reveal what he knows. Ezra was pissed off, even though Mike himself wanted to go back, and he and Caleb fought over whether the 16-year-old should be further dragged into this mess. As they argued, though, Mike took the car and drove off. They later found the car abandoned… with an arrow breaking the windshield. As they explored a nearby camp ground looking for Mike, Ezra and Caleb themselves ended up getting attacked by someone firing arrows. Meanwhile, Mike was running for his life on the property when someone in a masked outfit tried blinding him with pepper spray.

4. Ali revealed that she thinks someone might have seen her at the playground on that fateful Thanksgiving Day of Mona’s murder, giving the Liars a new lead to investigate. At the park, Spencer and Emily asked a young church group member if he knew anything. They later spotted a girl named Kendra at school wearing the youth group’s insignia and carrying a backpack that had a scarf Ali had seen at the playground. The girl then flipped out at Mrs. Montgomery, accusing her of telling Aria and her friends something that was confidential. Ella later did actually tell Aria what she knew: after getting drugged at a party, Kendra hid out at the park until she was sober enough to get home, but she made no mention of ever seeing Ali.

5. Spencer ran into Toby outside the court room, and they had a tense conversation about their estrangement. When Spencer revealed that she was targeted by A in London, she also mentioned that Melissa’s roommate helped her through it. At the police station, Toby questioned Detective Tanner about being shut-out of cases, and Spencer later refused Emily’s suggestion that she go to him for help with Kendra, revealing that she kind of “dated,” or at least kissed, two other guys (Johnny and Colin). But Kendra came to Spencer and Emily, and all together met with Ali’s lawyer, who didn’t think she could help the case at all. Afterward, an emotional Toby came to see Spencer, telling her that he only joined the police force to protect her, and wasn’t going to choose between her and the badge. “If [Tanner’s] not okay with me being with you and being a cop, then she’s going to have to kick me off the force,” he tearfully yelled before going in for easily one of the show’s best kisses of all time.

Aria was panicked when she couldn’t reach Ezra and Mike, and desperately left a message for Andrew, asking him to drive to the cabin to investigate. Right after, Ezra and Caleb found Mike taped up to a pole, and Caleb took a picture for “proof.” The next day, as Aria found out Andrew was once a successful scout, Ezra and Caleb went to the police, but Tanner was naturally skeptical. “Don’t you get it? There’s somebody after to us!” Caleb yelled, but Tanner only twisted the situation, questioning why he took a picture before helping his friend. Later, Tanner told Toby it was too late to help Spencer and her friends, as they trusted the wrong person. When Tanner left, however, Toby suspiciously stayed in her office.

Meanwhile, Ali took the stand with her lawyer showing that a right-arm fracture she got as a child never healed properly, making it impossible for her to have attacked Mona. But the prosecutor then used a certificate of excellence in archery that Ali received to prove that she could use her arm just fine. Just then, the Liars in the gallery received an A message: “Bullseye, b*tches!” Ali cried afterward as she waited for the verdict, revealing to her lawyer that the award was only won because her fellow camper took the shots for her.

Then the jury finally read their verdict: “We the jury find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree.” Ali immediately burst into tears, and the Liars were stunned. Immediately after, Tanner had Aria, Spencer, and Emily ALL ARRESTED. It was both chilling and devastating to watch (see below). The final scene showed a black-clad figure playing with little figurines meant to represent the Liars in prison. Could things get any worse? At the very least, next week’s season 5 finale is expected to showcase the long-awaited #BigAReveAl. Who do YOU think is A?!


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