“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “The Gloves Are On”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap January 26

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap January 26


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Emily made a big confession as Hanna worked with an old friend on an alibi for Charlotte’s murder. Here are the most important things to know about “The Gloves Are On,” the 13th episode of season 6.

The show began with Spencer suspecting Ezra killed Charlotte to protect Aria and Emily fruitlessly confronting Sara over her return to Rosewood. Lorenzo, investigating the homicide, grilled Ashley about the missing security footage at the hotel, unaware that Hanna deleted it. Hanna ran into Lucas, now a tech mogul, at The Brew, and Melissa, who was also back in town, sensed some serious vibes between her sister and Caleb.

Hanna swore to her mom that she didn’t tamper with the surveillance camera, but, panicked over the investigation, demanded Spencer get her own mom to help. Spence refused, and at a campaign event, tried to dodge a Hollis journalist’s questions about Charlotte’s death. The refusal led Hanna to ask Lucas to essentially be her alibi, and say he came to her hotel room the night of the murder and they hung out all night. He was stunned, but insisted he was “there” for her.

Spencer later apologized to Hanna for snapping on her earlier, and she ended up confessing that she does in fact have feelings for Caleb, but insisted nothing went down between them years ago in Europe. With watery eyes, Hanna told her best friend she should find out if Caleb feels the same way. Afterward, Spencer confronted the college journo, Damien, about whether he was more interested in the “bunker girls” than the campaign, and she learned that Mona was working for the opposition after Mrs. Hastings turned down her job request.

Aria, who learned through boyfriend/co-worker Liam that their boss Jillian had soured on Ezra after a drunken phone call over his late book, met with Ezra to discuss the issue. He insisted his draft was crap but handed it over to her. Their meeting at the hotel was interrupted by Ashley, who said Ezra could not be served alcohol there due to a prior “incident.” Aria later read the draft aloud to Emily, who immediately suspected it was a love story about her. Aria implored Ezra to finish his book, telling him he’s “compassionate” and “kind.” He responded, “Maybe I’m not.” Hanna was annoyed that Aria was so willing to discuss the book with Ezra but not ask him where he went after they parted the night of the murder.

Thanks to a letter from Pepperdine, Emily’s mom found out she had dropped out of college years prior and had been keeping up a charade in the wake of her father’s death. Emily, however, seemed more concerned about Sara seemingly popping up everywhere she went. It was then Hanna’s turn to be concerned when she spied Em giving herself an injection. Emily was forced to confess that she’s not sick, but broke and had been lying about working at the Salk Institute. She admitted that after blowing through her dad’s money, she’s resorted to donating her eggs for cash and is staying in Rosewood for hormone shots. Emily again confronted Sara, who said the police asked her to stay in town, but she refused to say why she cared about Charlotte, her supposed torturer, so much. Again it was hinted that the Liars were responsible for why Sara can’t use her hands.

Meeting with Lorenzo at the police station, Hanna gave her “Lucas hangout” alibi. As the detective grilled them both, holes in the story became apparent. Thanks to intel from Melissa, Spencer worried that Damien was looking into the missing security footage, and gathered the girls to demand answers from Ezra once and for all. Aria made it to his place first, and promised to lie for him. During the confrontation, Hanna yelled at Ezra to “own up to what he did,” and Spencer told him he could claim self-defense. He became angrier and angrier, mostly at the idea Aria thought he was capable of murder. It didn’t help, though, when he said he wasn’t sorry Charlotte was dead.

Spencer cried to Caleb afterward, revealing her guilt over what happened to Sara. So what did happen? A flashback to that fateful prom night featured Emily punching her, as viewers had seen, but now also showed Sara was electrocuted by live wires as she tried to get back up… and none of the girls stepped in to help her. Obviously, they could have been electrocuted, too, if they had touched her in that moment, but Spencer sobbed that her inaction was due to her heart “hardening” thanks everything they had gon through.

In the episode’s final moments, Mrs. Fields made Emily promise to come to her in the future. Hanna told Lucas she really didn’t have anything to do with Charlotte’s death and said how hard it was to be living back at home. He gave her a key to his loft, saying he’d be going back to California the next day. Liam told Aria that Jillian loved Ezra’s draft, and she should keep being his “book whisperer.” The show ended with Spencer and Caleb giving in to their obvious attraction as each Liar received a text message: “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.”

The message was accompanied by a devil mask, and the episode cut to someone in a room filled with masks and dolls, disposing black gear and googling “uniforms.” The promo for next week showed the girls realizing there’s now an Uber A messing with them.


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