Pretty Little Liars Recap: Alison-Mona Murder Case Divides Spencer And Toby

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Pretty Little Liars Fresh Meat Recap

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Fresh Meat Recap

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls were grappling with the possibility that Alison, behind bars for Mona’s murder, was not actually A, and the situation threatened to tear at least one couple apart. Get the full recap here!

The 15th episode of season 5, called “Fresh Meat,” began with Toby, on police business, seeing Ali in jail, where she deemed herself “fresh meat,” and told him she was wrongly imprisoned. “Have you forgotten how it feels to be in a cage for something you didn’t do?” she asked him, adding, “Maybe you’ll finally get it when your girlfriend and the others are chained to this bench, too. ‘Cause they’re next. Unless A kills them first.”

Toby immediately reported Ali’s comments to the Liars, who were still unsure whether Ali was responsible for A’s latest stunt, considering the fireworks eruption happened after her arrest. The girls wondered if Detective Holbrook was involved, given his liplock with Ali at the Christmas ball, and Spencer reacted harshly when it was suggested Toby investigate. Afterward, Aria revealed to Emily that shed been rejected or waitlisted from every college she applied to, and feared A was involved. “This is Alison’s revenge, keeping me here,” she said.

Ashley, still working for the DiLaurentiis family, hinted to Jason that she felt uncomfortable in light of Ali’s arrest, but he asked her to stay on as he took the helm of the family business. Toby was on site at Mona’s house as the police conducted a new search of the grounds when he found a bloody knife, but didn’t report it to his superiors. Instead, Toby went to Spencer and Caleb, and told them that the knife was his, and from his family’s cabin. Spencer urged him to go back and take it before anyone else could find it, believing A planted it on purpose, but Toby wanted to turn it in, believing it was the murder weapon and could have Ali’s prints on it. Caleb strongly disagreed, noting that he and Hanna stayed at his cabin, and their prints, as well as Toby’s, could be on it and not Ali’s.

Aria went to The Brew to help an overwhelmed Ezra prepare for the grand re-opening, after Emily told her she really wanted a raise so she could visit Paige in California during spring break. Emily offered to cater the event for him, and though Ezra had his doubts, he ultimately agreed. Back at the DiLaurentiis office, Ali called, desperate to talk to her brother, but Jason refused to get on the phone, only adding to Ashley’s discomfort. Jason told her he had already visited Ali once and couldn’t go back. “I can’t look at her without thinking she may have had something to do with my mom,” he admitted.

Hanna went to Ballard College for a tour, and called Caleb to share how bored she was, but he told her about the knife. When she offered to come home, Caleb insisted she not, saying that A would want her to drop everything, which is exactly why she shouldn’t. Aria, meanwhile, asked Emily for help with a new college essay, and as she was mid-meltdown about not getting into her safety school, Ezra walked in. He revealed his ex Jackie was now an admissions officer at Talmadge College, and her hatred for them both is likely the reason she wasn’t granted admission.

Spencer begged Hanna to keep the knife a secret from Aria and Emily, and went to see Caleb, who told her he was going back to the knife before the cops found it. “I can’t get hauled away on suspicion of murder again,” he said, revealing there were things about his past he hadn’t told Hanna. He went on to explain that after a financial scheme long ago, one of the guys involved ended up dead, and he got picked up for the crime, before a detective realized he was just a “stupid kid” living on the streets. Realizing what Caleb now stood to lose, Spencer agreed to go with him.

Hanna ditched her overnight at the college and instead went to a creepy trailer park, looking for Holbrook, who was supposedly on a leave from the precinct to care for his father. She found his creepy dad, who said the detective hadn’t been seen in weeks, and he seemed to think she was Ali. When Hanna went back to her car, she found a stuffed bear with a string attached. And when she pulled it, human guts fell out! At the same time, Spencer and Caleb found the knife.

The next day, Emily revealed that she hadn’t heard from Paige before reading Aria’s latest essay. Taking the suggestion to go personal and then wanting to appeal to Jackie, she wrote a piece about “squandering” her high school years by having a relationship with a teacher and how much she regretted it. Emily thought it was a horrible idea, and would greatly hurt Ezra, but she already emailed it in. Emily was then further dismayed when she went to The Brew to work on the catering, only to find Ezra had hired someone else. Aria, however, realizing Emily was right, then went to visit Jackie on campus, saying she sent a letter that needed to be deleted. As it turned out, she already read it, and promised she wouldn’t share it with Ezra. “If I never spoke to him again, it would be too soon,” she said, clearly still harboring bitterness toward Ezra.

Caleb and Spencer, desperate to destroy the knife, went to the art room in school, hoping to melt it. But when Spencer went to investigate a suspicious noise, Caleb got locked in the kiln while it was on. Spencer, thankfully, was able to rescue him right before he passed out, but the door to the room then slammed shut again, preventing them from getting to the knife that was left in there.

Ali was surprised when Hanna came to visit her in jail. “I came to tell you one thing: give up!” Hanna told her, but Ali said she already has, and said she could’ve pointed the finger to the girls but didn’t. She then told Hanna that her disappearance on Thanksgiving was to help her friend Cyrus, who, as viewers may remembered, helped with her kidnapping story. It was only afterward, however, that she realized A had set her up. “If I was A, why would I let this happen to me?” she asked. Hanna fired back, “If you are A, you’re counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about you. And you shouldn’t.”

At The Brew party, Emily was frustrated to see her food was strongly disliked, and snapped on her catering competitor and had a meltdown over Paige not being in tuch. “I needed the cash to save the relationship, which doesn’t make sense because the relationship doesn’t exist anymore,” she cried. Just after arriving, Spencer was approached by an artist named Johnny Raymond, who revealed Mrs. Hastings agreed to let him live in their barn. And Aria received a text from Jackie that she off the wait list, just before Ezra introduced her to a Vassar professor.

As the party took place, Jason went to visit Ashley at her home, bringing some paperwork he was confused about, and he revealed he’s staying at a hotel because his father made it clear he’s not welcome at home since contributing to Ali’s arrest. They bonded over dinner, each opening up their troubles and fears. Suddenly, Jason went in for the kiss, and then immediately apologized. “Consider that a thank you. For dinner,” he said. Ashley replied, “That’s alright. I don’t mind being thanked.” And then they kissed some more!

An angry Toby showed up to The Brew, having discovered Spencer did away with the knife, and they had an intense confrontation (see photo above). She tried to defend herself, saying it was all done for their protection. But Toby shot back that there’s things he can’t know about (now that he’s an officer), and left her crying in the street. After the party, Aria told Emily she planned to keep her letter a secret, and had no intention of revealing her new admission to Ezra just yet. But just before leaving The Brew, Aria saw a college guidebook with a bookmark in it… featuring a quote from her essay!

That didn’t compare to Hanna’s surprise, though, when she went home and discovered Jason walking down her living room steps buttoning his shirt. The episode then cut to Ali getting a new jail uniform, with a message tucked in the pocket. “Your friends will see you soon,” it warned. Next week, the girls will be closer than ever to finding out what happened to Mona’s body. But at what price? TELL US: WhAT do you think of tonight’s “Pretty Little LiArs”?!


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