“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “FrAmed”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap July 28 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap July 28 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars struggled to balance their everyday life as teens with A/Charles’ latest moves threatening to torpedo it all. The show kicked up off with a news report naming Charles DiLaurentis the suspect in the Liars’ kidnapping, and in the death of his own mother, Mrs. DiLaurentis. Here are the most important things to know about “FrAmed,” the eighth episode of season 6.

1. After lashing out at Alison for being upset about her brother Charles, Hanna argued with her mother over whether the scholarship money was connected to the DiLaurentis family and whether to keep it. She wanted to go the police with the check, but Spencer suggested they just go to the investment group office, where they met a young businessman named Rhys Matthews, under the claim they wanted to return the scholarship. Reese didn’t provide munch info, but the girls thought he looked “exactly like a DiLaurentis.”

2. Aria hung out with a “concerned” and inquisitive Clarke at The Brew, and they discussed the fellowship’s art exhibit that would feature both of their work before naming the contest’s internship winner. Aria called Ezra out for eavesdropping, and he admitted to being “suspicious,” while she confessed to regretting not calling the cops before they went to confront Charles. After, Aria shared her artwork with Detective Tanner, seeking security so she could attend the gallery event, and mom Ella reluctantly agreed to let her go. The episode then cut to A/Charles watching a live feed of inside the gallery, joined by Red Coat.

3. Ali was frustrated with her father for shutting her out, and vented to Lorenzo, whose arm was in a sling due to the confrontation with Charles. They comforted each other with a kiss. Lorenzo found out that Ali’s dad was meeting with Tanner to aid the investigation to find Charles, and she later swiped Lorenzo’s security card to get into the police station. Tanner caught Ali snooping in the evidence room, and the detective questioned why Ali’s old things were found in Charles/A’s bunker. She became upset when Tanner said he would be brought to “justice” with “lethal force” if necessary. Lorenzo was later enraged at Ali for stealing his identity card.

4. Emily and Aria discussed the school board possibly not letting them attend prom due to “safety” concerns, and Em revealed she wanted to take Sarah as her date, leaving Aria to go solo. At the gallery, Aria was touched when Ezra showed up, and asked him if he would go to prom with her as a “friend.” Just then, Emily’s pal Nicole arrived, apparently as Ezra’s date. Clarke then raised more eyebrows when he seemed get tripped up about his own art history, and had no one at the exhibit to support him. Ezra later told Aria he wasn’t with Nicole as a date, but was interested in Habitat For Humanity.

5. When the gallery art was unveiled, Aria’s exhibit had been replaced with photos of the Liars unconscious in the Dollhouse. The police shut down the event and turned it into a crime scene, and Tanner thought Charles was sending the Liars AND her a message that the girls are his, not hers. Ezra attempted to comfort Aria over Charles’ latest stunt, and she opened up about her time in the Dollhouse. Ella went to Hanna’s mom Ashley, telling her they “need to do something” to “protect” their girls. The camera then zoomed out to reveal Red Coat was watching them.

Most Importantly: As Spencer, Emily, and Hanna were leaving the gallery, they spied Rhys across the street, and decided to follow him to an abandoned doll factory. They were stunned to see Clarke arrive, and went to Aria’s to tell her what they saw. At the same time, Tanner was reviewing security footage from the gallery, and it looked like Rhys or Charles (or are they one and the same) was caught on camera changing the pictures.

The episode ended with a hooded figure packing up a bunch of tools and needles used for injections. He or she then got into a limo-like car, and was handed prom tickets by Red Coat. Now just one episode remains before the midseason finale. TELL US: WhAt do you think is going to hAppen?


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