“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Exes And OMGs”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 16 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 16 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” Emily was stunned by Paige’s return, while the Liars looked for more answers about Noel and Mary’s past. Here are the most important things to know about “Exes And OMGs,” the eighth episode of season 7.

The show began with the Liars and Caleb discussing all their clues, with Hanna convinced Noel had “more A-ness than anyone else out there.” She angrily stormed off over their doubts, with Caleb going to comfort her, but Noel ran him over with a car. Alas, it was all just Hanna having a nightmare.

Caleb assured her he was alive and well, as he continued to look into Noel, Jenna, and Mary’s past. He also gave Hanna a new, bug-free phone. Later, after she flashed back to the torture she suffered in the barn, she was shocked when Mrs. Grunwald showed up on her doorstep, with the old lady saying she had a “dream” that there was a “darkness” around Hanna and Caleb.

At the Radley, Hanna told Mrs. Grunwald that “someone” is trying to hurt them, and she agreed that they’re in “danger” and the threat is “very close.” Noel interrupted their chat, and Hanna flashbacked to more of her torture. With Mrs. Grundwald’s hand on Hanna’s lap, the woman’s nose began to bleed. That left Hanna convinced Noel is “A.D,” but the rest of the Liars were skeptical.

Aria confessed to Ezra that he missed a call from “Nicole,” while he revealed a convoy was headed into the jungle to follow-up on a tip on her whereabouts. Emily took responsibility for telling Aria to delete the call, but Ezra was still angered with his fiancée, though he was no longer focused on their engagement. Aria booked Ezra a ticket to Colombia, so he could be there if and when it was determined the missing hostages were found… and alive. She cashed in their elopement tickets for the trip, leaving him surprised but grateful.

Ali went back to teaching at Rosewood High, in part because she was now “broke,” and ended up vomiting in the bathroom after all the students pranked her by wearing black hoodies. The next day, during another tough class, Ali was called to the principal’s office, and he questioned whether she was really ready to work again. She insisted teaching would “speed” her “recovery.” Ali later broke into the principal’s office to look at Noel’s old personnel folder, and found the note, “I warned you bitches. Do you really want to end up dead?”

Meanwhile, the principal told Emily about an open job for head swim coach, which both intrigued and scared her, but Ali encouraged her to apply. When she went, she found the principal interviewing… Paige. It was revealed they had last seen each other three years ago, as they were living together when Emily’s dad died. She now took the blame for their breakup, and Paige revealed a car accident had dashed her Olympics hopes. As for the job, she said “may the best woman win.”

Spencer found a doctor matching the name of the one Noel had called, leading her and Aria to go investigate at a hospital. The doctor revealed the person they’re looking for is her estranged father, a former OB-GYN who lost his license. The doctor’s office was later ransacked, for which she blamed Sparia, and gave them the address to her father’s apartment, thinking that’s why her place was robbed.

Tempted with a bottle of whiskey, the drunk old man let Spencer and Aria grill him about Radley and Mary Drake. As the on-call doctor, his job was to make “problems” go away, like unwanted babies. He confirmed Mary had two: A boy given to her sister (Charles/Charlotte and Mrs. DiLaurentiis) and a second child put in the custody of family services. He didn’t know more about that kid, but told them to tell his daughter that she can “run” and pretend she’s “different,” but she’s going to want her “family.”

Hanna’s continual torture flashbacks and all the unanswered questions led her to make a mysterious phone call, in which she said, “The deal’s on. I get you the money, you give me the keys. Tonight. Then you forget you ever heard from me. My name. This number. Do you understand? Good. The less you know, the better.” The next day, she told Caleb she was going “off the grid” for a few days while she went to New York to do work for her new design business. Before leaving, they hugged, but Hanna fled before he could go in for the kiss.

In the show’s final minutes, Aria and Ezra had an awkward goodbye at the airport, but one sealed with a passionate kiss. Paige spied on Emily and Sabrina at The Brew, while Spencer looked through an old family photo album of her childhood. The episode ended with Hanna covering a window with newspaper, with the promo for next week suggesting she’s either going to fake her own kidnapping, or perhaps film “this is what happened” video for everyone in case her plan fails.

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