Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Don’t Look Now”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap June 23 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap June 23 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars continued their quest to uncover Charles’ true identity, hoping it would reveal A. Here are the most important things to know about “Don’t Look Now,” the fourth episode of season 6.

1. Alison tells the Liars that the boy in the old picture with her and Jason is indeed Charles — and their brother. Not Jason’s twin, however, as he was 15 months older. Mr. DiLaurentis claims he was “troubled” and “dangerous,” so he was institutionalized at the now-closed Radley. But, according to Mr. D, Charles can’t be responsible for all that’s been going on… because Charles is DEAD, having supposedly killed himself when he was 16 through a pill overdose. The girls, however, aren’t so convinced he died. Now having doubts, Ali again grilled her dad, who said there was no funeral and Charles’ ashes were scattered.

2. Spencer was at The Brew investigating what happened to all the Radley files when she had a flashback to waking up covered in blood inside the Dollhouse. Spencer admitted to being on “edge,” but was determined to get Charles’ file from the data center before it was shredded. She first went through Aria’s trash in hopes of finding her discarded anti-anxiety pills, and at the data warehouse after, the Liars went through rows and rows of boxes, which ended up triggering another flashback for Spence. Later, after Ezra mentioned that his new baker Sabrina does weed, Spencer went to her to score some. Ezra later caught Spence picking up her pot cookies, and warned her that self-medicating won’t take away her struggles.

3. Aria rejected her dad’s offer to discuss everything with him, and said she was determined to “get on” with life. She was, however, still researching Charles, and couldn’t find any death record. But Aria ended up finding a file for him at the warehouse, with the records tracking him from age 13 to 16, but it had no info on what happened to him. Mr. Montgomery was angry when he later couldn’t find Aria, and they had a little tiff. Throwing herself back into photography, Aria was at the Hollis darkroom when she found a post-it saying “You’re my doll, bitch!” which triggered her own flashback to the Dollhouse, where it’s revealed A had cut her hair. Aria then realized she was trapped in the darkroom, and a student named Clark came to her rescue. They bonded over photography, but it wasn’t clear if he was flirty or creepy. Back at home, Aria started tearfully opening up to her dad about the Dollhouse, and finally broke down.

4. Emily’s mom urged her and Sara, who was still staying with them, to see Dr. Sullivan. Mrs. Fields later found Sara on their roof, where she supposedly wanted to watch the sunset. Em’s mother was concerned that Sara was too traumatized to be staying with them, which the teen overheard. Emily woke up the next day to find Sara gone. It turns out, Sara went home, the first step in trying to move on with her life and be “normal.” She and Em later went to a pool, where Sara smiled for what seemed like the first time. She was touched that Emily was looking out for her, and they seemed to share a moment. Again, it wasn’t clear if it was flirty or creepy.

5. Caleb was preoccupied with Hanna’s safety, knowing A was still out there. He later admitted to putting a tracker on her car, leading to a big argument. Afterward, Hanna, still angry, ignored one of his calls when Caleb tried to find her. While out with Spencer, Spence had another flashback, and broke down to Hanna about having no memory of what happened in the Dollhouse when she was covered in blood. Hanna was convinced, though, it was just another of Charles’ “mind games.” When Hanna returned home late, she admitted to Caleb that he was “suffocating” her, and making her feel trapped all over again. She tearfully told him she needed space, and he left.

Most important: Charles’ Radley file indicated only two people ever visited him, Mrs. DiLaurentis, and her sister Carol Ward. She died when the girls were 10th grade, but Jason recalled going to her home last year to recover from his elevator fall, only to find his mom there doing yard work. She claimed she just wanted to keep the house up to snuff, but Jason got the sense someone was living there. Returning now with Ali, Spencer, and Hanna, Jason found Charles’ gave on the property.

Hanna was the only one still convinced Charles wasn’t dead, while Spencer believed A was assuming Charles’ identity, and is someone Charles knew at Radley. After Ali told Mr. DiLaurentis where they were, he revealed Charles once tried to drown her in the bathtub when she was 11 months old. She demanded he stop, however, and let Charles rest in peace. The episode then cut to a hooded figure, presumably A, keeping track of all of the Liars’ locations with a picture of Ali next to him/her. TELL US: Do YOU think Charles is deAd?!


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