“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Do Not Disturb”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap February 9 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap February 9 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars became convinced Sara Harvey was the new Uber A. Here are the most important things to know about “Do Not Disturb,” the 15th episode of season 6.

The show began where last week’s left off: Aria went home to talk to her dad. Byron told her he was indeed hiding something… that he’s been seeing someone… Ella… and they’re engaged! Aria’s suspicions weren’t much eased, though. The next morning, A quickly began tormenting Hanna again, threatening to ruin her relationship with Jordan if she didn’t turn over the security footage drive, and Caleb encouraged Spencer to go to the police over the new texts. He was doubtful Sara was responsible, but Spence wanted to continue to investigate.

Emily was nervous for her egg retrieval procedure, but even more freaked out about Alison returning to town and wanting to meet with her. When Em refused to get together, Ali sent Dr. Rollins to try to change her mind and became angry when the doc spied her fertility paperwork. At Rosewood High, it became clear Ali and Rollins, aka Elliot, were more than just pals, and Sara spied them having a moment in the hallway.

Sara then confronted Charlotte in her classroom, claiming she was “sorry” for her “loss” and lying about Charlotte during the release hearing. “I felt like we were sisters,” Sara said, to which Ali shot back, “She used you to replace me.” Sara insisted neither of them really knew “all” of her, but suggested they put their “pieces together” to understand Charlotte better so something “good” could from it at all. Ali walked out… and Sara seemed satisfied.

Ali went to Emily afterward, speculating that Sara and Charlotte were closer than they all knew. Em assumed she was really there because Elliot spilled the beans about the egg donation, but he hadn’t. Now she was forced to come clean herself, and Ali then refused to let Em go to her procedure alone. Later, Emily seemingly hallucinated being attacked by Sara in the hospital and insisted it was the real deal, but Ali told her nothing happened. Emily then found out the couple she was donating to no longer needed her retrieved eggs as they were pregnant, so she was left with a choice: Freeze them at a cost or have them destroyed. She instead wanted to have them donated to a clinic.

Hanna confronted her mom about stealing the back-up drive of the security footage, but Ashley denied responsibility. She simply insisted it was “gone,” and encouraged her daughter to focus on wedding planning. Meanwhile, Aria still couldn’t get a hold of Ezra, and grilled Ella about her whereabouts with Byron the night of Charlotte’s murder. Relieved to find out they were together at her apartment the night of Charlotte’s murder, Aria joined Hanna in looking for the hard drive in the Marin home.

Unable to find it, Hanna went to Caleb to create a fake one. At the same time, Spencer was tricked into having lunch with Yvonne, likely by A. The two talked about trust issues, which put Spence in a precarious spot when Yvonne left her phone behind. Instead of returning it right away, she brought it to Caleb in hopes he could figure out who hijacked both their phones to set up the lunch plans. But when Spencer went back to the restaurant to play dumb and turn the phone into the lost and found, Mona, still working for Yvonne’s mom’s campaign, caught her. Spence accused Mona of setting it all up, but she fired back, “We don’t do those kinds of things anymore, do we Spencer?”

Hanna dropped off the faux hard drive at a location set by A, and was late to meet her boss Claudia. Upon arriving, Claudia told her she was fired. The two then played hardball, leading Hanna to walk out. “I’ve been pushed around by a lot worse than you,” she said. She immediately had regrets, though, fearing she’d now be blackballed in the fashion industry. Jordan tried to comfort her, and suggested she go clear her head in Rosewood. She declined, asking instead that they just “keep driving.”

Around the same time, Aria took a hotel room next to Sara in order to spy on her, and enlisted Spencer’s help. The hopped from one balcony to another to break into Sara’s room to see if she had the nine-iron golf club, the supposed murder weapon. Instead they found… a fake hand… and many more prosthetics. But Spence also discovered a map of Radley with the room circled and labeled “Charlotte.” Spencer deduced that Sara was staying in the room located where Charlotte had stayed when Radley was the sanitorium. When she shouted to show Aria, who had been looking around the closet, she was MIA. Spencer discovered the closet had a giant hole in it leading to the outdoors with a ladder stretching down. Where did Aria go? And is that how Sara was leaving the hotel seemingly undetected?

In the episode’s final moments, a package was delivered to Emily: a carton of eggs with the note, “Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.” Caleb continued researching the phone hackings, and was able to get into Yvonne’s files, which included a Mona section and a password-protected folder called “Hastings Opposition Research.” The last scene showed Uber A testing out the hard drive, only for a video message from Caleb to appear: “I don’t know who you are or what kind of game you think you’re playing, but if you can change the rules, so can we.” And with that, A’s laptop was wiped out with a virus. Yikes.


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