“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Burn This”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap March 1 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap March 1 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars tried to figure out their next moves. It did not go so well. Here are the most important things to know about “Burn This,” the 18th episode of season 6.

The show began with Aria talking to Hanna and Emily about marrying Alison and Elliot the night before, with the three then stressing over the latest A developments. Looking at pictures from her mom’s wedding, Aria saw a hidden message from Uber A, or at least one of the two As: “Give me the killer by election night or you lose.”

Mr. Hastings urged Spencer to make a public statement distancing herself from Caleb for the sake of her mom’s campaign, particularly since Officer Toby spoke publicly about standing by Yvonne. A flashback showed Spencer and Toby seemingly giving each other the silent treatment in her college dorm room. Back in the present, Toby showed up at Spencer’s home, wanting to confront Caleb for hurting Yvonne, his own friend. When Caleb showed up, he still took responsibility instead of telling the truth, leading Toby to punch him.

After, Spencer begged Caleb to stop protecting her, but he felt he had to because they couldn’t go to the police yet about Sara or whoever was A. Mona was fired from the opposition’s campaign after it was discovered she gave Spencer the heads-up about the plan to expose Mrs. Hastings’ medical records. Spencer’s dad later confronted her for still spending time with Caleb, and essentially demanded she stop seeing him. Mr. Hastings then revealed that Melissa was getting blackmailed before Charlotte’s release hearing, with the person claiming to have video proof of her involvement in Bethany Young’s death. Melissa and father paid up, but still don’t know who was targeting her.

Ezra pitched his publisher the idea that Aria should be his co-writer, which flattered his former girlfriend. Liam was taken aback and clearly jealous, but told Aria he was happy she was going to be a published author. Ezra told Aria he wanted her help because she wasn’t as emotionally attached to Nicole as he was. They were interrupted by Detective Tanner, who said she wanted her to come in for a lineup after an eyewitness gave a description that matched her for the person that called the DiLaurentis home from the restaurant the night of Charlotte’s murder. After the lineup, Aria saw Sara leaving the police station, but Tanner wouldn’t confirm she was the witness. Aria distracted her long enough to get a look at the witness statement for clues, and then called Tanner out for not taking her own concerns “seriously” given what happened to her five years ago.

Emily was convinced Melissa was the one who tried to run her down, and Spencer’s sister looked guiltier by leaving town right after, but Mr. Hastings’ claims seemed to give her an alibi. Em kept hearing a similar car noise around Rosewood, leading her to an auto shop, where she found the damaged SUV that went after her. The worker wouldn’t reveal who the driver was, but insisted a picture of Melissa did not match the person.

Meanwhile, Hanna wanted to cancel her bridal shower at the last minute, while her mom urged her to invite Mona since Ali could no longer go. Caleb went to the Radley in hopes of scoring a room since the Hastings kicked him out, but with the hotel booked, Ashley told him she could stay in their guest room like old times. Hanna was pissed off when she found out, and accused her mom of liking him more than Jordan.

At the eventual shower, Hanna and the girls were preoccupied by the newest questions: Who was actually the person spotted at the diner, who went after Emily, and was Melissa really innocent? Mona showed up with a gift and Ashley encouraged her to stay, setting the Liars on edge. Awkwardly, the girls couldn’t answer trivia about Hanna and Jordan’s relationship, and things then went really haywire when Hanna tried fiddling with a climate control device. Suddenly, a fire erupted. Aria was taken to the hospital with second-degree burns, and Spencer thought it wasn’t a coincidence that the blaze happened after Mona arrived.

Spencer abruptly left the ruined party to meet Toby at The Brew, with a flashback then showing them in the dorm. The issue: They thought she was pregnant, and while he was pretty calm, figuring they were “planning for this eventually” anyway, she was panicked. The two then fought about their different life tracks. In the present, Spencer told him that Caleb only took the blame for the Yvonne leak because “A is back… or some copycat version,” and he was only trying to protect all of them. Through their convo, it became clear that Spence only had a false alarm all those years ago, but that it still lingered in both of their minds. Immediately after, the new A texted Spencer, “You didn’t take me seriously so I thought I’d light a fire under your ass.”

In the hospital, Aria received the same message. Ezra unexpectedly showed up, after finding out about the incident from Hanna, and she became emotional both over his kindness and the A situation, though she told him the fire was just an accident. After agreeing to being his co-writer and vowing to make him proud, Liam showed up with news that their boss Jillian approved the partnership. Ezra awkwardly left as Liam resumed the boyfriend role.

At the end of the episode, Spencer left Yvonne a message apologizing for what happened and offering to talk. Outside after the failed party, Emily realized Mona fit the description of the restaurant caller, and asked her point-blank if she phoned Charlotte that night. Mona responded, “I can’t talk about this here. Get in the car.” The final scene showed the auto shop worker retrieving an envelope of cash from under the car.


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