Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Bloody Hell”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap February 24 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap February 24 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls vowed to get Alison out of jail as they continued to investigate the new A. Here’s the most important things to know about “Bloody Hell,” the 21st episode of season 5.

1. Aria, Spencer, and Emily went to the jail to apologize to Alison for blaming her for Mona’s murder and getting her arrested. They told Ali about Mona’s plan to fake her death in order to expose A before she actually ended up dying, and vowed to get Ali released before her upcoming trial. Hanna refused to join them, unable to face her frenemy, and before leaving, Ali warned Aria that she would have to tell her lawyers what her brother Mike knows.

2. Aria worried that if Mike’s knowledge about Mona went public, he’d become A’s new target. She sought legal advice from Spencer’s mom, Mrs. Hastings, who pointed out that withholding evidence from police during a murder investigation could lead to serious criminal charges. When the girls suggested coming clean about everything, Aria refused, fearing what that would mean for her little bro. She dragged Hanna to see Cyrus, who was hospitalized with mysterious burns from head to toe. Barely able to talk, Cyrus revealed someone named “Varjak” was responsible, possibly a reference to Ali’s Breakfast with Tiffany’s obsession, and potentially connected to A. Back at home, Mike’s headboard collapsed when Aria stood on his bed. Someone very obviously messed with the screws… and wanted Mike injured, if not dead.

3. Spencer’s mom was angry she skipped school to visit Ali, and sent her on a last-minute trip to London, where Wren and Melissa scored her a college interview at Oxford. Upon arriving in England, Spencer discovered her sister and sorta-ex were out of town, and their roommate Colin would be overseeing her visit. Spence’s Oxford interview was going well, until her bag literally started bleeding, and she found a broken blood vial hidden inside. A message from A followed, revealing there’s “more where that came from.” A panicked Spencer was set on getting back to Rosewood as soon as possible, but received some comfort from Colin. When Mrs. Hastings, however, made a discovery related to Ali’s case, she left a message for Spencer telling her to cancel her flight home.

4. Emily, officially in the Glass Slipper beauty pageant on Hanna’s behalf, was welcomed into the competition by contestant counselor Claire, and she became worried when she saw all the commitments required. She sought time off from The Brew, only to find out that Talia was quitting. She later confessed to Emily that she and Eric were separating after a serious talk about her sexuality, and Em offered to let her crash at her house, since Mrs. Fields was out of town. Talia later questioned Emily’s motives for entering the pageant, and Em admitted she wanted to do something that could give her “control” over her life. Emily was thrown for a loop, however, when Claire revealed she was violating the competition’s “good moral character” clause by her association with Ali and the murder case. Talia then essentially threatened Claire, asking for a “donation toward Emily’s education,” if they forced her to drop out.

5. Mrs. Hastings went to see Ali, demanding to know why Spencer and her friends had visited. Ali swore her innocence, and revealed that the Liars now believe her, and while the attorney was skeptical, Ali was adamant about taking the stand to defend herself at her trial. Spencer’s mom agreed to coach her, but Ali became freaked when, after earlier writing “Mona” in dust, the phrase “knows everything” was later added. She became more unnerved when A left a threatening message in her jail cell. Hanna finally went to see Ali, but before she could apologize, Ali admitted that jail gave her a new perspective on how badly she treated her and the rest of the girls over the years. Ali tearfully asked to start over, and Hanna agreed, but only if she’s “honest about everything.”

Meanwhile, Aria turned down Andrew’s romantic advances, saying she and Ezra were still “sorta” dating, but they later shared a kiss after he helped her when she fell from Mike’s bed and hurt her ankle. And love was apparently in the air in Rosewood, as Ashley and Pastor Ted made up, with their engagement now officially on. The episode ended with a hooded figure sticking money into the jail’s bibles on a page with a passage about vengeance. Now just three episodes remain until the #BigAReveal on the season finale.


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