‘Pretty Little Liars’: “The Bin Of Sin” Recap

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Pretty Little Liars Recap January 27 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap January 27 2015

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On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” three of the show’s romantic relationships were tested while Hanna feared she would be framed by Alison/A for Mona’s murder. Get the full recap below!

The 17th episode of season 5, called “The Bin of Sin,” began with Hanna, Spencer, and Caleb telling Aria and Emily their fear that Mona’s body was hidden in the barrel found in the storage unit that was apparently rented in Hanna’s name. They suspected that A was framing her, and she panicked that she had no alibi. Caleb vowed to get his girlfriend’s name off the lease, and Spencer suggested they lead Detective Tanner to the unit to reveal Holbrook was hiding Mona’s body, but Hanna worried it would still all end up pinned on her.

At The Brew, Emily was dismayed to see Talia had baked Ezra a pie, but the caterer insisted it was “just a thank you for hiring me, not a marriage proposal.” It came out (no pun intended) that Emily is into girls, and she warned her co-worker to “back off” Ezra as he’s dating a good friend. Meanwhile, that good friend, Aria, was ready to come clean to Ezra about the college essay she wrote dissing their relationship. At the same time, Hanna and her mom Ashley once again fought over her dalliance with Jason, which she refused to tell Ted about, blaming her rejection of his proposal on her fear of marrying again.

Spencer went to see Toby at the police precinct, and he was infuriated that she came to talk to him about something he explicitly told her to stay out of. Tanner was suspicious to see her, and after she left, Toby told his boss that he believed Ali’s polygraph was falsified. He pointed the finger at Holbrook, and he was warned to be “careful,” and not “make accusations you can’t back up.” “You have been a cop of all of six minutes, and you have the nerve to investigate your superior?!” Tanner sternly said to him him. “If you want to keep your job, your little research project is over.”

Aria at first only told Ezra that she got into Talmedge, but then revealed she scored admission by writing a negative essay about their relationship that his ex Jackie would read. She gave him the paper, and he swore he wasn’t “angry,” and even called it a “brilliant move.” Ezra insisted all was well because he knew her true feelings, but Aria was still apologetic, and he seemed to be more bothered than he was letting on. Caleb successfully managed to get Hanna’s name off the storage unit lease, but she wanted to do more… like go to the facility to remove all the belongings, including the barrel. Caleb tried to object, but Hanna insisted, “Because I could spend the rest of my life in an orange jumpsuit, I think I get final say.” She was resolved to burn whatever evidence she could, and put the barrel in the woods for the police to find.

Ashley attempted to quit working for Jason, and he was caught off-guard when she revealed she was seriously seeing someone who, oh yeah, just proposed. He reluctantly accepted her resignation, but seemed a bit crushed. They later had a run-in at the office as Ashley was collecting her belongs, and he called her out for not wearing her engagement ring. She explained she hadn’t said yes yet, in part due to the responsibilities that come with marrying a pastor. Ashley hinted she’s made some poor choices and didn’t want his career jeopardized, and Jason wondered if she slept with him as self-sabotage, though she insisted that wasn’t the case.

At the same time, Caleb and Hanna were at the storage facility, where he cut the wires to the surveillance cameras before they broke into the unit. As Aria was sharing her relief over the Ezra situation to Emily, Spencer showed up, saying that her GPS showed Mona’s laptop was on the move, and they panicked thinking Hanna had taken the situation into her own hands. When Hanna and Caleb finally entered the room, they were shocked to see the unit entirely emptied out except for the barrel. Hanna was too scared to open it, saying, “It’s bad enough that she’s gone. But if she went like this…” Caleb understood, but was nonetheless determined to get the barrel, and possibly Mona’s body, out of there.

Spencer, Aria, and Emily, meanwhile followed the GPS to an old ice cream factory, believing Hanna and Caleb had taken the findings there. Of course, us viewers knew they hadn’t, and that it was probably another A trap. Aria stupidly suggested they split up, just as Toby and Detective Tanner came upon Hanna and Caleb at the storage facility. Caleb attempted to lie, but Tanner wasn’t really buying the story, and even called Hanna out for seeming “nervous.” Toby, obviously caught in the middle, tried to keep his cool, especially as Tanner saw the camera system had been tampered with, and then that the unit they were seeking had, no surprise to viewers, already been broken into.

Spencer was shocked to hear Hanna and Caleb’s voices as she explored the old warehouse, ultimately discovering Mona’s laptop showing footage of the couple discussing their plans before they went to the storage unit. “Somebody knows we’re here,” Aria realized. “And it’s not Hanna and Caleb,” answered Spencer. Of course, just as they were about to leave, Spencer and Aria found themselves locked in one of the facility’s freezer units and liquid nitrogen poured in, threatening to freeze them to death. Emily came upon them and frantically tried to recue her pals, nearly getting electrocuted as she attempted to break the power system. She watched in panic as the door began to freeze before finally breaking the lock and setting the girls free.

Tanner sent Toby to call a hazmat team before she opened the barrel without him, showing a look of dismay as she peered inside, and then saw blood drops on the floor near by. Of course, the show made us wait to find out what was in the bin, instead cutting to Ashley thanking Jason for helping her with her belongings, after which he admitted it wouldn’t be “easy” continuing to work with his father in the family business. “You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in the past,” she advised him, to which he replied, “Good advice.” They shared a bittersweet hug goodbye… that turned into a kiss thanks to Jason. “This can’t happen again,” said an upset Ashley before taking off.

An agitated Emily returned to The Brew, where Talia suggested she cook to distract herself. That didn’t last long, as Emily got a text that led her to nearly spark a kitchen fire. Ezra was none-the-wiser, though, as he was with Aria. He gave her a gift to “celebrate” her Talmedge admission, then told her that he didn’t want her to miss out on college adventures the way she did in high school due to him. She insisted she just wrote that in the essay but didn’t truly feel that way. He thought the opposite, thought, that she couldn’t have written it if a part of her didn’t believe it, and worried that she would come to resent him if they stayed together. “If you take this time for yourself, there will be no regrets,” he told her as she teared up. “Promise me you’ll at least think about it.”

Hanna confronted Spencer about telling Toby about the storage unit, believing that was the reason Tanner showed up, and Spence swore she didn’t. Hanna wasn’t convinced, though, and started questioning Toby’s allegiance. “Since when is his job more important than your friends?” she yelled. Spencer shot back that Hanna made things worse all on her own, saying, “You screwed yourself by going in there, and you screwed over Caleb, too.” At the police precinct, Tanner said she didn’t know yet if the remains she apparently found, and the blood viewers saw, belonged to Mona, but if they did, she warned Toby, “Your friends will be the first people I call in for questioning.” She reminded him of his officer’s oath, and demanded to know if there was anything he hadn’t told her.

Emily, on the phone with Hanna, recounting the ice cream freezer incident, questioned whether Holbrook was truly involved, not believing he would go as far as killing them for Ali. She was interrupted by Talia, who attempted to comfort the clearly upset teen. Emily apologized for being such a “mess” (not to mention b*tchy), and Talia admitted her comments about Ezra were all to see where Emily stood on the spectrum, because, surprise surprise, she’s into her! Emily didn’t replace, and instead we saw Hanna and Caleb worrying that Holbrook set them up with the storage unit. She was particularly upset that, thanks to their actions that day, she would drag Caleb down with her if she was arrested. “You should just stay away from me for a while,” she told her boyfriend, as he tried to protest. “Don’t you get it? I’m dangerous!” Caleb, however, refused to abandon her, and they embraced as Hanna cried.

Meanwhile, Aria flipped through her yearbook, where everyone seemed to have activities listed but her, as Ashley contemplated her romantic situation. Toby then called Spencer, and revealed Tanner had received an anonymous call that Mona’s body was in the storage unit, which is what led them to the facility. But when she asked her boyfriend what was found in the barrel, he refused to tell her. And then when she cried and asked him to come over after work, he made excuses and hung up on her. That led to sobs, and unbeknownst to her, Toby took off from the precinct. The show then cut to a hooded figure discovering fingerprints. The plot thickens! Once again. TELL US: WhAt do you think of tonight’s episode?


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