“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: “Bedlam”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap June 27 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap June 27 2016


On Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars became suspicious of Elliott. Here are the most important things to know about “Bedlam,” the second episode of season 7.

The show began where last week’s left off: Mary Drake picking Hanna up off the side of the road. She ended up at Spencer’s, where she refused their urging to go to the doctor. A flower delivery arrived with a note reading, “Couldn’t have done it without you. Glad we’re on the same team – A.D.”

Things were awkward between Caleb and Hanna given their kiss, which she blamed on falling into old habits “only for a minute.” Spencer felt something was up, and rebuffed him when he came on to her. Hanna later met with Lucas, and questioned why he wanted to help her start a business. As she considered signing the paperwork, she flashed back to her first meeting with Jordan at a bar where tension turned to flirtation.

Back in the present, Hanna surprised Jordan at his office, where he called her out for being “serious,” and blamed Rosewood for having an effect on her. In an effort to go back to being carefree, she asked that they revisit the bar. The establishment, however, was long-closed, which set Hanna off. Jordan was perplexed by her meltdown, which culminated in her giving him back his engagement ring. Back at home after, she signed the papers to partner with Lucas.

Though Ali was locked up in the mental ward, Emily still worried for her safety, and wanted to warn Elliott. Before she could, she received a phone call from Ali saying, “Help me, Emily. Em, I need you.” She promptly went to the facility, where she was told of a new “family only” rule. Elliott confirmed that’s his doing, saying Ali is “better off” in “isolation.”

Emily, Spencer and Aria begged Elliott to let them see Ali, but he was firm, leading to an argument. A text to the girls then said, “She’s mine now. No take-backs. No do-overs – A.D.” Emily urged Spencer to manipulate Mary Drake so they could gain access, but Mary came to Spence first. She questioned why Hanna didn’t go to the police, and then expressed concern for Ali, confessing she herself was in Radley. Mary said her sister Jessica set her up for the death of a baby, leading to her institutionalization.

Aria broke up with a crushed Liam, but insisted it had nothing to do with the “book or Ezra.” He was back on as the novel’s editor, though, with all the parties determined to make it “work.” Liam, however, later spied them holding hands on a park bench, and was overly-critical of Ezra at an editing meeting, essentially calling his character a “predator.”

Aria called Liam out for his rudeness, and Liam in turn accused her of “being seduced by your English teacher in high school.” She insisted it wasn’t like that, and that she’s “me because of what has happened, what I’ve done and who I’ve loved.” To that, he didn’t respond.

Emily later had her own run-in with an emotional Mary at the Radley hotel, and they talked about Elliott banning them from visiting Ali. She asked Mary to help get her in, and Mary suggested they go together. They got in, and Ali, tied to the bed, seemed to be having delusions. And when she saw Mary, she asked, “Mommy, why did you leave me?” But just as she was about to say what was “wrong” about Elliott, he walked in and forced them to leave. In private, Elliott and Mary argued, with her telling him, “You’ve gone too far.”

In the episode’s final minutes, Spencer told Caleb she was fired for her “partisan interests” and “distraction.” She then asked him, “Did we make a mistake, you and I?” He insisted what they had was “real,” prompting her to point out he was talking in the past tense. The conversation was interrupted by panicked texts from Emily, who could see through a shaded window that “something was going on” with Elliott and Mary.

The show ended with a music box being placed at Ali’s bedside as medicine was put into her IV. It then flashed to Ali being wheeled into doors that, when opened, showed a bright white light. Next week, the Liars will try to rescue Alison.


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