“Pretty Little Liars” Premiere Recap: “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood”

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Pretty Little Liars Recap January 12 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap January 12 2016


On Tuesday’s midseason premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” the series jumped ahead five years. Here are the most important things to know about “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood,” the 11th episode of season 6.

The winter premiere began with Alison now a teacher at Rosewood High, where she found out the institutionalized Charlotte would have a release hearing in four days. Ali sent letters to lobbyist Spencer in D.C., publishing employee Aria in Boston, student Emily in Malibu, and New York-based fashion assistant Hanna about speaking to the court, and assured Charlotte that the girls would come and she’d get to return home.

The Liars convened at The Brew, where Emily surreptitiously took a pill, and reminisced. It was revealed Hanna was engaged to a guy named Jordan, Aria had a beau named Liam, and Spence was too busy to date. They marveled over “five A-free years,” and agreed to hear Ali out about Charlotte’s release. We also learned Emily’s dad died in service, Hanna’s mom Ashley helped renovate Radley into a fancy establishment, and Mrs. Hastings was running for state senate. And through her dad, Aria found out that Ezra was back in Rosewood, too, after his friend/girlfriend Nicole disappeared while they were volunteering in South America.

Aria met with Ezra at The Brew, where he was greatly affected by Nicole’s presumed death, to the point where he was late on the second book owed to Aria’s publisher. Spencer visited Toby as he built a home, and they seemed to be friendly exes, though he questioned her returning to town at Ali’s request. At a meeting with Ali, she asked the Liars to give victim impact statements that would reflect positively on Charlotte, but it was clear they weren’t ready to offer forgiveness. Ali encouraged them to lie, as she wanted what she saw as a real chance for a family.

As the girls wrestled with how to handle the situation, Spencer ran into Mona, who said she still has nightmares, despite the help of “three shrinks.” Catching up with Toby, Emily confessed to struggling in the wake of her father’s death. Later at the hearing, Spencer insisted to the judge that Charlotte “poses no threat” to her. Hanna said her anger has dissipated because she’s “free,” and Charlotte should have that chance, too. Emily said she decided she’s “not afraid” of Charlotte.

But Aria, despite having a prepared statement, struggled, particularly when Ezra walked in late. Asked point-blank if she would feel safe if Charlotte was released, Aria had flashbacks to some of A’s torment. “No,” she ultimately answered. “No, I would not feel safe.” She recalled a PTSD incident. When it was Mona’s turn, she unexpectedly expressed understanding of Charlotte’s mental state, and urged, “Let her out. Let her go home.”

The judge granted the release, which the Liars had mixed feelings about as they, now much older, unwound with a few drinks at the Radley hotel restaurant. “Would it just be the biggest cosmic joke ever if Charlotte gets to live happily ever after?” asked Aria. But Emily pointed out that if A could, so could they, and they actually toasted to Charlotte. The camera panned out to reveal a security camera, which, given that this is “PLL,” could mean someone was watching them for nefarious purposes.

They all crashed in Hanna’s suite, and were stunned the next morning when Ali called to reveal Charlotte was missing. She returned home the night before, but apparently disappeared by morning. The episode then cut to a dead body being covered, and Toby, still a police officer, revealed to Lorenzo, now a detective, that it was Charlotte, who apparently jumped from the church tower and committed suicide. Ali, of course, was devastated.

Hanna was surprised when Caleb showed up, and he revealed Spencer had filled him in, and he’d be staying in her barn. Hanna confessed that she felt like Charlotte’s death was their fault, since they advocated for her release, when she was safe in the hospital. Like Ezria and Spoby’s meeting, it was clear Haleb had lingering feelings. But it seemed like he and Spence had gotten way closer than anyone knew.

At Charlotte’s funeral, everyone was shocked when Sara walked in. All episode, the Liars had been fearful of seeing her, and it seemed like there was more to what happened that fateful night five years ago than the viewers saw. Lorenzo then showed up and revealed Charlotte did NOT kill herself, but was murdered and thrown from the bell tower. He asked them all to stay in town, and Emily said she wanted to go home. Spencer reminded, “We are home.” When the premiere ended, the new promo showed the Liars casting suspicion on each other, in addition to Ezra, for Charlotte’s death.


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