Pretty Little Liars Premiere Recap: “Game On, Charles”

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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Premiere Recap June 2 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Premiere Recap June 2 2015

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“Pretty Little Liars” season 6 premiered on Tuesday, picking up after March’s season 5 finale left the Liars trapped in Charles/A’s dollhouse. In the first new episode of the “Summer of Answers,” called “Game On, Charles,” Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Mona desperately tried to stay alive, as Ezra, Toby, and Caleb worked to find them. Meanwhile, Alison returned home from jail. Here are the most important things to know.

1. After the failed escape attempt, Charles locked the girls outside in a thunder storm, and then for several days after. Finally allowed back inside, Charles immediately gasses the Liars, but put a protective mask over Mona’s face. The rest awoke NAKED laying on medical tables, as if they were at the morgue. Mona came in as nurse, back in the role of “Ali,” and while she initially tried to stand up to A/Charles, Mona warned that after misbehavior, “It puts you in the hole.” The group then returned to their respective rooms, and blood-curdling screams could be heard as soon as they entered.

2. Three weeks later, Alison, whose murder conviction was overturned, addressed the media, pleading for her friends’ safe return. Andrew was named the “top suspect in the kidnapping case” and “presumed to be dangerous,” and Detective Tanner set up a plan to lure him using Ali, thinking if he knew she was alone, he’d come to get her. A phone call came in playing the same old-school music previously heard, and the cops determined the caller was IN the house. Tanner locked Ali in a closet as they conducted a search, only to find a dummy with a phone making pig squeals. After realizing that the song was “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree,” and seeing Ali was gone, Tanner concluded that she was headed to Andrew’s family’s Campbell farm. In actuality, Ali was working with Caleb and Ezra, having faked the call and set up a clandestine meeting with Andrew at the kissing rock in hopes he would them to the girls.

3. Toby seemed to be in on the plan, too, looking concerned as Tanner started putting pieces together. Ali went to the rendezvous point with a tracker in her boot, where she found a car with a recording that gave her directions. Ali ran out of gas just as she reached the “destination,” and was instructed to open the trunk. By the time Ezra and Caleb caught up, she was gone. The guys discovered a card with a recording that had told her to put on the clothes from the night of her presumed murder, and leave everything else behind “or they’ll die.” Ezra and Caleb then set off to find Ali in the woods.

4. Meanwhile, Food was delivered to the girls by a never-before-seen blonde-haired woman, who had been kept looking dirty and sick in a secret room of the dollhouse, where she had a seemingly endless tally on the wall. The girls were eventually allowed out of their rooms, dressed in normal clothing, each in tears about the torture they went through. Summoned to a room that was designed to look like Ali’s bedroom, they found their pal’s own belongings, and learned she had been released from jail. They quickly deduced that Charles was preparing for Ali’s arrival, which made them wonder if Mona was no longer useful. Viewers then saw Mona at the bottom of the aforementioned hole.

5. After Spencer found a toy truck with the C.D. initials, Aria discovered a message that said, “He’s going to kill me — M.” The girls then uncovered their own possessions they thought were missing years, as A/Charles was apparently planning this for years. Newspapers clippings, believed to be real, indicated that their parents were breaking down over their disappearance, with Hanna’s mom even hospitalized. That made them as determined as ever to escape, and Spencer informed her pals, “Charles is a DiLaurentis.” She then planned to break into A’s secret vault, convinced they could use whatever was in there to bargain for their exit. Before they could, the dollhouse’s sirens once again went off.

Emily, however, found a passageway that led to the screening room, where the girls all saw the footage of Mrs. DiLaurentis holding a baby, presumably Ali, next to two boys, presumably Jason and Charles. Spencer and co. then started setting fire to Charles’ belongings (the films, dolls, etc), telling him, “Game on, Charles!” But as the blaze grew, they discovered someone — Charles? A dummy? — on fire. Charles, however, then trigger fired alarms. The Liars then found Mona in the hole, and rushed to make their escape.

At the same time, Ali had just arrived outside the dollhouse, where Ezra and Caleb found her. They were convinced they had been sent on a “wild goose chase,” until they heard the alarms. They discovered the door to the dollhouse, just as the girls burst out. Ezra, Haleb, and Toby all had romantic reunions, before the cops discovered the “other girl.” She claimed to be Sara Harvey, who viewers learned in season 4 went missing the same time Ali did. The episode ended with Emily thanking Alison for her efforts, and asking, “Who is Charles DiLaurentis?” TELL US: Where do YOU think “Pretty Little LiArs will go from here?


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