Pretty Little Liars Midseason Premiere: [SPOILER] Arrested + A Heartbreaking Goodbye — GET FULL RECAP!

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Pretty Little Liars Midseason Premiere Recap

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Midseason Premiere Recap

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“Pretty Little Liars” returned from hiatus on Tuesday with a jam-packed midseason premiere. Called “Through A Glass, Darkly,” and directed by cast member Chad Lowe, the 14th episode of season 5 featured Mona’s funeral and much, much more. Get the full recap below!

The episode began three months after December’s Christmas special, with mourners gathering for Mona’s funeral, even though her body was still missing. The girls were dismayed when Alison showed up, but not as much as Mona’s mother, who slapped her and cried, “Where’s my daughter?! Where’s her body?!” Spencer was also convinced of Alison’s guilt. “Showing up to your victim’s body? Classy,” she sniped.

Back at Mona’s home, Mrs. Vanderwaal opened up to Hanna about her grief, and gave her one of Mona’s stuffed animals to keep. At Spencer’s, Mr. Hastings revealed Bethany Young’s parents were petitioning to have her bail revoked, after the unsealed indictment revealed the now-dead Jessica DeLaurentis had witnessed the alleged murder, a claim that was buried for two years by the now-dead Detective Wilden. Toby, now a full-fledged police officer working at the Rosewood precinct, speculated about the case with Detective Tanner, but it wasn’t clear if she shared Toby’s belief that Spencer hac been framed.

After Ezra revealed he was renovating The Brew, Aria seemed less than interested in talking about the wait for her Oberlin acceptance, or her brother Mike’s sadness over on-and-off girlfriend Mona’s death. Emily and Paige were cuddling at home, fretting about her move to California to be with her parents. With Caleb, Hanna wondered about Mona’s body, and suggested that Mrs. Grundwald, seemingly psychic, may know what Ali did. Caleb, still haunted by his Ravenswood (and “Ravenswood”) dealings, was adamantly against the idea.

Just after Aria discovered Oberlin rejected her, Alison crept up. As she tried to leave, Ali told her, “You don’t have to do that. Run from me. Be afraid… It’s like you went to sleep one night and forgot who I am.” But Aria shot back, “I know exactly who you are. You’re A. You stole the game from Mona and then you killed her because she had proof. And you killed Bethany because you were jealous of a mental patient, that’s how crazy you are.” She then whipped out a rape whistle, sending Ali scurrying away.

Enlisting Mike’s help with the remodeling as an excuse to talk to him, Ezra pressed about his feelings. “I don’t want to talk to you about my dead girlfriend,” he sniped, rejecting the suggestion that perhaps she’s not really gone. Mike fired back, “No one loses that much blood and lives to tell the story. She’s gone. That’s it. People leave. People die. Only sure thing there is in this world.”

Spencer panicked to the girls about her bail possibly being revoked, and Aria said they have to prove Ali killed Mona, which in turn could show Ali was responsible for Bethany’s death, too. Spencer resolved to “tear down” Ali’s alibi, and went on to confront Jason, grilling him over why he was “protecting” Ali when they have such a poor relationship. She told him, “I know she’s your sister, but so am I. She set me up Jason. I’m going to go to jail because of her. Somebody’s dead because of her. They’re the ones asking you to lie, but all I want is the truth.”

Afterward, Emily revealed she had stolen Ali’s hairbrush, and was tempted to place some DNA evidence at the crime scene so it would lead to Ali. Ali, meanwhile, returned home to find Jason going through her baby photos, and he revealed Spencer talked to him. He demanded to know where she disappeared on that fateful Thanksgiving Day, and she insisted the Liars were framing her. “They wished I never came home, and now they want me gone. You have to believe me,” she told him. “I did not kill Mona.”

Hanna met with Mrs. Grunwald for help finding Mona’s body, giving her the stuffed animal, which seemed to be enough for her to channel some spirits. Grunwald cryptically said, “Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.” She went on to say, “She’s not in Rosewood. She’s in the dark. She’s not having an easy passing.” Grunwald further said that Mona was not at peace, due to a betrayal, and was in fear.

Aria visited Caleb at his new apartment, where he was still trying to decrypt data from Mona’s laptop. She confessed that she didn’t get into Brown in addition to Oberlin, even though she nailed the interview. He wanted her help breaking into the college’s system to find out why she was rejected, explaining, “I need to know if it’s me, or if it’s A.” At the same time, Emily and Spencer went to Mona’s to plant the supposed evidence, only to discover a camera hidden in a vent. They told Hanna, and implored her to pass it on to Mona’s mom, believing it had to have captured what happened with her death.

Hanna objected at first, but then went to Mona’s, where she had a flashback to a hangout with Mona, in which her pal told her, “You don’t have to hide from anyone anymore. Let other people hide from you for a change.” Back in the present time, Hanna brought up the cameras to Mrs. Vanderwaal. Aria then went to pick up Mike, only to find The Brew empty, dark, and creepy. Suddenly, she was attacked from behind by a hooded figure, assumed to be Ali, who somehow had Mike’s phone and tried suffocating Aria in plastic. Unfortunately, Aria had Mona’s laptop on her, and, of course, the attacker stole it before running off. Thankfully, however, Aria was able to break free.

Alison was shocked to see Mrs. Grunwald in town, who told her, “I’m sorry for your loss.” As Ali attempted to leave, Grunwald grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes, seemingly seeing something no one else could. As that took place, Jason was at the police precinct, where he was brought in to see the footage recovered from Mona’s cameras, which showed a blonde girl attacking Mona. He admitted, “Could be my sister. Could be Alison,” and confessed he and their father lied about Ali being with them at the time Mona was killed.

Back at home, Ali arrived just as the police did, and asked Jason to stall them. As she tried to make a run for it, she was stopped by the Liars. She cried to them, “A set me up. You’re letting A win… Who’s gonna protect you when I’m gone? If you let A do this, you’ll all be next.” Before they could respond, Detective Tanner walked up and placed her under arrest. Ali’s parting shot: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Aria broke the news of Ali’s arrest for Mona’s murder to Mike, and admitted to him she’s been “afraid to know what you know,” but said the didn’t have to be scared anymore with Ali now behind bars. He rejected her attempt at comforting him, instead saying, “Now you’re just like the rest of them. Pretending [Mona] was a saint when you didn’t even know her… Ever think if anyone said to her face how great she was none of this would’ve happened?” After that, the heartbroken teen broke down in loud sobs, and Aria silently cried as listened from the next room.

Emily rushed to the airport to see Paige just before her plane took off, and insisted that it would be “safe” for her to stay with Ali now in jail. Paige, however, wanted to go, saying they’ve spent so much time fighting and being afraid, she worries about having enough time left “to just live.” They both cried as it became more apparent they were breaking up. “Right now, this is what’s supposed to happen to us,” Paige tearfully told her before they had a goodbye kiss.

When Spencer eventually returned home, she found her dad waiting with Toby and Detective Tanner, who told her, “We now believe Mona Vanderwaal was not Alison’s first victim.” Spencer let the tears flow after it was revealed the D.A. was dropping the charges against her in Bethany Young’s death. Regrouping with the girls afterward, Emily admitted she didn’t think Paige was wrong to leave. “She got out,” she said dejectedly. Spencer suggested they all consider leaving. “Ali kept us in this town like we were magnetized. That’s over,” she said.

As they each envisioned a freer life, fireworks went off at a nearby carnival… and the letter A appeared in the sky. “Alison is A. Alison is in jail,” said Emily, prompting Hanna to state the obvious, “They don’t allow fireworks in prison,” and Aria wondered if Ali set this up in advance. The girls ran panicked into the house as the fireworks started raining right on top of them. In the closing scene, Ali tossed restlessly in her jail bed, and the episode ended just as footsteps seemingly came closer. TELL US: Do YOU Think Ali Is A? Do YOU Think Ali Killed Mona?


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