“Pretty Little Liars” Finale Recap: “Game Over, Charles” (VIDEO)

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Pretty Little Liars Recap August 11 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Pretty Little Liars Recap August 11 2015

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On Tuesday’s summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” A was FINALLY revealed! After years of torture, the Liars finally found out who was causing them so much misery — and why. With a nod to the season premiere, “Game On, Charles,” here’s everything to know about “Game Over, Charles,” the 10th episode of season 6.

The finale began with the Liars and Alison running on to a roof, where a hooded figure in black was on the edge, ready to jump, as police waited below. The girls were actually begging A/Charles not to do it, and then the episode flashed back to where we left off last week: the Liars at prom with Ali’s dropped phone and the moms trapped in the DiLaurentis basement. Mona revealed herself to be at prom, too, and admitted she was tracking Ali, with her signals pointing to the Carassimi Group.

Ali awoke in a cell in Radley, where her dad was unconscious on the floor before her. At the same time, the group headed over to the Carassimi building, surprised to see bags being brought out in the middle of the night by “utility” guys. Inside, the Liars ended up in a new lair, and the door conveniently closed just after Sara said she would wait outside.

A live feed was pulled up showing Ali locked up with not just Mr. D, but also Jason. The hooded figure was there, and turned around to reveal their face… and it was CeCe! CeCe insisted her dad and Jason weren’t dead, having given the same freezing serum used on Mona, and revealed she was actually CHARLES and A. She had been obsessed with baby Ali as a child, and in a flashback, little Charles tried to soothe a crying Ali by putting (drowning) her in a bath, after which he was locked up in Radley by Mr. D. CeCe alleged, however, that the real reason he had her sent away was because he knew Charles wanted to be a girl.

CeCe went on to explain that Mrs. D would visit, but she spent most of the next seven years “almost completely alone.” The show then flashed to a 12-year-old Charles wearing a dress and hanging out with Bethany on the roof of Radley. When Toby’s mom came out, Charles hid, not wanting to be seen in a dress… and Bethany pushed her off the roof, and then turned on Charles, claiming HE did it. CeCe explained that Mrs. D paid off Wilden to ensure Toby’s mother’s death was reported as a suicide.

With the Liars still watching on the feed, CeCe told Ali she was diagnosed with “intermittent explosive disorder,” and spent the next few years drugged up. She was let out to attend Charles’ “funeral,” and she was returned to Radley as Charlotte, but no one knew who she really was. She spent her time studying, and as a teen, Charlotte was granted permission to attend classes at UPenn, and she called in a bomb threat one day, using it as a chance to visit Rosewood.

It was then that she “met” Jason, and took on the CeCe Drake persona, dating her clueless brother. Mrs. D had no idea about the romance until it was time for that fateful summer in Cape May, and Mr D. amazingly didn’t recognize his son/daughter. After spending the summer together, CeCe claimed she was going to come clean to Ali, until Bethany escaped, angry at Mrs. D and her dad for having an affair. Bethany dressed as Ali to get to the DiLaurentis home, at which point CeCe bashed her in the head with the rock, in an attempt to stop her.

Of course, as we all know and CeCe learned, it wasn’t Bethany, but Ali herself. To protect Charles/Charlotte/CeCe, Mrs D. buried her daughter… alive. In the present, a crying Mona then had a revelation: She spent all these years thinking she was responsible for hitting Ali, but this meant she actually mistakenly hit Bethany, killing her. In the flashback, CeCe was devastated by her actions and Mrs. D’s coldness towards her, and she was taken back to Radley by Wilden. It was then that Mona, locked up herself, met CeCe in Radley, but was so drugged up, she thought CeCe was Ali, or as everyone came to know her, Red Coat.

As the Liars watched Ali and CeCe, they realized someone was setting up a bomb at Radley, leading them to believe that this was how CeCe planned to end it all. They also discovered CeCe was the secret head of the Carassimi group, and that Rhys was just a decoy, and he didn’t even know it. CeCe went on to explain that she learned everything about the girls from an unwitting Mona, who helped her escape Radley. And that’s when the Liars and CeCe finally met, as viewers saw several seasons ago.

CeCe then began making the Liars lives miserable, believing they had done Ali wrong, and tried to get Ali herself to come out of hiding by putting the girls in danger. “If you really cared about me, why did you keep playing the game?” Ali wanted to know. CeCe explained that she left the country after Shana was killed and everyone thought she was A, but the game was too addicting.

And who else was helping CeCe? None other than Sara, who at times pretended to be Red Coat and was the Black Widow at others. She was also apparently the one really responsible for Wilden’s death. Meanwhile, as the Liars found a way out, Mona refused to go, wanting to see “how the story ends.” The flashbacks then went to CeCe finding Mrs. D dead outside the home, but it wasn’t shown who killed her.

The story was interrupted when an alarm in Radley went off, and the Liars found Sara was the one who triggered it, helping CeCe with the bomb. Spencer, however, was able to deactivate it just before CeCe pressed the button to detonate it. When it didn’t work, CeCe ran out, and when Sara went to follow, Emily punched her out. That’s when the show picked up with where it started, with the girls on the roof. They convinced Charles/Charlotte/CeCe not to jump, and she solemly said, “Game over.”

The show then cut to a flash-forward, with the Liars saying their goodbyes before college, and Emily revealed Sara was just released from the hospital. They all shared sweet farewells, leaving Ali behind. Then the show did another flash-forward to five years later, with the girls at Rosewood High, telling Ali, now a teacher with the last name “Rollins,” that they came back for and they all had to go now because “he” was coming for them.

There was no explanation for CeCe keeping the girls in the Dollhouse, no answer for how she teamed up with Sara, and no resolution with the moms trapped in the basement or Jason and Mr. D. There was also nothing about the girls’ romantic relationships, or what happened to CeCe after that night. Check out the promo for next year’s premiere below. TELL US: What do you think of the “Pretty Little Liars” answers after all these years?


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