Watch Third Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

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Presidential Debate Final Live Stream

By Andrew Shuster |

Presidential Debate Final Live Stream

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off Wednesday night in the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election. Gossip Cop has video of the slugfest below!

The final debate, moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, was being held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and marked both nominees’ last major attempts to sway undecided voters prior to election day on November 8. Unlike the town-hall style of the second debate, this third one featured the same traditional format as the first. The event was divided into several segments, each 15 minutes long, in which the Republican and Democratic candidates were asked about topics pertaining to debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, abortion, foreign hot spots, fitness to be president, and whether Trump would accept the election’s results.

Of course, many people tuned in to see how heated the exchange between the nominees became, since the second debate escalated in intensity from the first. This final showdown was both Trump and Clinton’s last opportunity to dredge up each other’s controversies and to get the message out there about why voters should choose him or her. Watch the full video below of Trump and Clinton facing off in the final presidential debate before the election.


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