President Obama Sends Valentine’s Day Message To Michelle On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (VIDEO)

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President Obama Valentines Day Ellen

By Andrew Shuster |

President Obama Valentines Day Ellen

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

President Barack Obama sent a Valentine’s Day message to First Lady Michelle on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch the video below!

During the president’s appearance on the daytime talk show, DeGeneres surprised him by playing a videotaped message from Michelle, which she recorded at the White House. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the First Lady wrote a poem for her husband, which went, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you are the president, and I am your boo.” She went on to tell DeGeneres, “You’re the only person I would share my husband with on Valentine’s Day,” and then asked him to bring her back chocolates.

The president then had a message of his own for his wife, and so he stood in front of a red curtain on stage surrounded by flowers to deliver his speech. “Somebody call the Situation Room, because things are about to get hot,” the president began as the band played romantic background music. He added, “Michelle, this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to treat you right.”

He then went on to detail his plans for Valentine’s Day, which included making Michelle “some zucchini bread” and “spreading out some veggies on a plate.” The president added, “Then I’m going to give you a massage while you watch ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ on HGTV.” He went on to express, “I love you so much. I Obamacare about you more than you even know.” The president concluded, “Michelle, I’ve made a lot of great decisions as president, but the best decision I made was choosing you. Thanks for putting up with me. I love you.” Watch President Obama’s Valentine’s Day message to the First Lady below!


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