Is President Obama stealing back the White House? That's what a certain tabloid wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop, however, can expose what's really going on.

A headline in this week's National Enquirer blares, "Obama's Secret Plot To Steal Back White House!" It's asserted in a sub-headline, "Barack is working with Dems to undermine Trump and set Michelle up as next president!" And the story begins by saying, "Ex-president Barack Obama has hatched a calculated behind-the-scenes plot to win back the Oval Office — for his wife, Michelle!"

According to the publication, "Obama plans to use his still-powerful sway over top Democratic officials in key government positions to sabotage President Donald Trump's programs AND smear him in the process — while shamelessly promoting Michelle!" A so-called "Washington, D.C. insider" is quoted as saying, "Obama is grooming Michelle to run for the Democratic party nomination in 2020!"

"Obama makes a show of being gracious to President Trump, but he plans to set up a 'shadow presidency,'" contends a supposed "political operative." As proof, the supermarket tabloid points to the former First Family still living in D.C., but fails to mention that the decision was largely made to avoid interrupting daughter Sasha's schooling. Still, the alleged source claims Obama has "already put plans into motion to raise Michelle's profile while quietly sabotaging President Trump."

But the Obamas have repeatedly, and unequivocally, said the former First Lady has no intention of running for office. While it's certainly possible her stance could change over the next few years, there is no "secret plot" right now to "steal back" the White House by electing Michelle as president. This is a conspiracy theory that is coming from the same rag that in November said the Obamas were splitting and going to divorce after leaving the White House.

Well, not only is the couple still happily together and fresh off a post-presidency vacation, but the National Enquirer makes no mention of those previous allegations in its new story about Barack getting his wife elected. The tabloid, which has taken a firm pro-Trump approach, is merely continuing its anti-Obamas agenda here by spinning yet another false tale. Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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