President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

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Obama Mean Tweets Jimmy Kimmel Video

By Shari Weiss |

Obama Mean Tweets Jimmy Kimmel Video


President Obama appeared on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” marking the first time he’s sat down with Kimmel for an in-studio interview. Check out the video below!

Obama previously chatted with Kimmel via satellite when he was a presidential candidate in 2008. Kimmel and Obama also crossed paths in 2012, when the comedian hosted the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Now the Commander-in-Chief is in the final years of his second term, and a lot has changed. Prior to the episode, Kimmel vowed that none of his questions or jokes would be pre-screened by the White House, and also said he would stay away from talking politics.

So, what did Kimmel and Obama discuss instead? Well, the show kicked off with Obama participating in one of the show’s most popular segments, “Mean Tweets.” Believe it or not, people talk a lot of crap about the President on Twitter, so it was only fitting that he get his own edition of “Mean Tweets.” One message read, “Obama’s hair is looking grayer these days. Can’t imagine why, since he doesn’t seem to be one bit worried about all that’s going on.” Obama’s reactions to the tweets were pretty priceless.

Kimmel later grilled Obama with some seriously important questions, such as: Can you run down to the kitchen in your underpants if you’re hungry in the middle of the night? And, Do you go to the dentist? For the record, the President said the dentist comes to him, and sets up shop in the White House basement.

And despite what Kimmel said before the show, they did touch on current events, with Obama addressing Wednesday’s police shooting in Ferguson. Check out Obama reading “Mean Tweets” and his full interview below, and tell us what you think!


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