President Obama ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Video 2016: Watch Full Interview!

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President Obama Jimmy Kimmel Video

By Andrew Shuster |

President Obama Jimmy Kimmel Video


President Obama visited Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for his second and final appearance as Commander-In-Chief. Watch the full interview below!

Obama and Kimmel had a lot to talk about, some topics serious and some not. Among the things the talk show host wanted to know is if he ever laughs at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “Most of the time,” Obama admitted. And, in another dig against the GOP candidate, he pointedly said, “I don’t tweet at 3 a.m. about people who insult me.”

The president went on to say more seriously, “What we haven’t seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of elections and the will of the people… What we haven’t seen before is a politics based on putting down in very explicit terms, Muslim Americans who are patriots, or describing women on a 1-10 score.” “Regardless of what your political preferences are, there is a certain responsibility and expectation in terms of how you behave, he added.

Kimmel and Obama also discussed the Billy Bush tape, and if he knew right away whether it would be notable. Obama responded, “I mean, that’s just not the kind of thing… One of those things where, if you’re best friend who worked, you know, in the office somewhere, had that video, it would be a problem for him.” “He’s not running for president, and rightfully so,” continued Obama.

The two talked about emails, as well. Obama said, “I have email. I don’t have texting because my phone function is disabled.” He further explained, “I now have an iPhone, but it’s like a phone you give your two year old… nothing actually happens. So my phone has no phone, no camera, no music… All it has is the Internet and emails, and the weather box.” “But my rule has been throughout my presidency , I assume someday, sometime, somebody will read this email, so I don’t send any email that, at some point, won’t be on front page of the newspapers,” noted Obama.

Kimmel called it “unusual” that Obama plans to stay in Washington, D.C. following the end of his presidency, prompting the U.S. leader to joke, “I’m like the old guy at the bar where you went to high school. Just kinda hanging around, shirt’s buttoned a little too long, still thinks he’s cool.” But the late-night host did want someone to stick around, amusingly asking if the country can have his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, for another four years.

Obama also discussed the Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series and Hillary Clinton. And, as he did during his first appearance on the show last year, Obama again participated in a “presidential edition” of Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets.” To see Obama’s FULL interview, watch the videos below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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