President Obama, Jimmy Fallon Video 2016 – Watch “Slow Jam The News” And Interview On “Tonight Show”

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President Obama Jimmy Fallon Video 2016

By Shari Weiss |

President Obama Jimmy Fallon Video 2016

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President Obama appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, doing a new “Slow Jam The News,” praising Hillary Clinton, and dissing Donald Trump. Check out the video below!

While Obama and Fallon previously teamed up for “Slow Jam The News” on “Late Night” in 2012, this marked the president’s first appearance on “The Tonight Show” since Fallon became the host in 2014. The duo’s chemistry was as strong as ever, though, with a musical backing coming from The Roots. At the end of the performance, Obama even did a double mic drop.

During another bit, both men sat behind Fallon’s desk to write out “thank you” notes together. Of course, there was also a fairly serious discussion about the upcoming election. Fallon began by saying, “We have to talk about the election,” to which Obama joked, “Do we?” The President then noted that he’s “spoken to Hillary and Bernie at certain points during the campaign, and I don’t know if they asked me for advice, but I give it anyway.”

“It was a healthy thing for the Democratic Party to have a contested primary. I thought that Bernie Sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas, and he pushed the party and challenged them,” said Obama, adding, “I thought it made Hillary a better candidate. I think she is whip smart. She is tough. And she deeply cares about working people and putting kids through school and making sure we’re growing our economy.”

As for the other side of the political aisle, Obama joked that he’s happy with Trump being the GOP nominee. The President then said, “The truth is I am actually worried about the Republican Party.” He continued, “You want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win… This is not reality TV.” Obama further expressed, “My hope is, is that maybe once you get through this cycle, there’s some corrective action, and they get back to being a center right party and Democratic Party being a center left party, and we start figuring how to work together.”

The episode was taped on Wednesday, and prior to Thursday night’s broadcast, Fallon tweeted, “Tonight’s show makes me want to do this show forever. I’m so lucky to have this job and the people I work with. I hope you like it.” Check out the videos below of President Obama “Slow Jam The News,” write “Thank You” notes, and get interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show.”

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