President Obama In Howard University Commencement Address: “Beyonce Runs The World” – WATCH SPEECH VIDEO!

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President Obama Howard University

By Shari Weiss |

President Obama Howard University

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President Obama gave a shout-out to Beyonce while giving a commencement address at Howard University on Saturday. Watch below!

In his graduation speech in front of the class of 2016, the President spoke about how the United States is “a better place today” for African-Americans than when he was in their position. “When I was a graduating, the main black hero on TV was Mr. T. Rap and hip-hop were counter-culture, underground,” Obama said. “Now Shonda Rhimes owns Thursday night and Beyonce runs the world.” He later paid tribute to Prince, too.

He went on to tell the students, “We’re producers, studio executives. We’re no longer small-business owners. We’re CEOs. We’re mayors, representatives.” Of course, the President still acknowledged, “I’m not saying gaps do not persist. Obviously, they do. Racism persists, inequality persists.” But he encouraged the graduates to help make progress in those areas.

“America needs you to gladly, happily take up that work,” Obama said, going on to amusingly add, “You all have work to do. So enjoy the party, because you’re going to be busy.” At the ceremony, the President was also awarded an honorary doctorate in science.

He and Beyonce have a famously close relationship. Perhaps most notably, the superstar sang at both of the President’s inaugurations. She is now believed to be supporting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election, and it’s widely assumed Obama is rooting for her to be his successor as well. Obama’s lengthy commencement speech can be watched below.


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