President Obama “American Idol” Series Finale Video – Watch “Vote” Message!

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president obama american idol series finale video watch message

By Jesse Spero |

Barack Obama Birthday 2017

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President Obama kicked off the “American Idol” series finale on Thursday with a message urging people to vote. Watch the video below!

“Congratulations to everyone at ‘American Idol’ on an incredible 15-season run. This show transformed television. It inspired young artists and captivated audiences across the county. And it taught America what it means to be pitchy,” the President joked, referring to the critique often used by original judge Randy Jackson.

Obama continued, “‘American Idol’ has achieved something else as well. For over a decade, this show has motivated millions of young Americans to vote, often and with enthusiasm. We should do the same in our lives as citizens of this country we love. Voting is the most fundamental and sacred right of democracy. I believe it should be almost as easy as voting on ‘American Idol,’ and we’re working on that. But when we choose not to vote we surrender that right. We surrender our voice to someone else,” Obama went on.

The President then gave props to the first “Idol” winner. “Not all of use can sing like Kelly Clarkson, but all of our voices matter,” Obama stressed. “This show reached historic heights, not only because Americans watched it, but because you participated in its success. And the same is true of America. We reach our full potential when every American participates. So go to and register to vote today.” Watch Obama’s video message below.


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