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An article announcing Kylie Jenner is "glowing despite morning sickness" was made up just to capitalize on the reality star's pregnancy. Since pregnant women usually deal with morning sickness and are often said to have a glow about them, a certain webloid took those two commonalities and concocted a fake news story. Gossip Cop can expose what's going on.

Ever since it was revealed last week that Jenner is expecting her first child, HollywoodLife has been trying to exploit the real news with fake angles. In fact, in less than 10 days, the site has published approximately 45 (45!) pregnancy-related stories. Among the latest sensational offerings is one headlined, "Kylie Jenner 'Positively Glowing Despite Battling Morning Sickness' During Pregnancy."

A so-called "source close to Kylie" is quoted as saying, "Kylie has been battling slight morning sickness during her first trimester [but] she has been laughing her way to the bathroom in the morning, as she endures the entirely new experience." Gossip Cop is going to go out on a limp and say expectant women typically aren't laughing as they rush to the bathroom to vomit. In another sign that the outlet doesn't know what it's talking about, the supposed snitch also asserts, "Travis [Scott] has been with her, pampering her with breakfast in bed during mornings when she is not feeling well." If Jenner is dealing with morning sickness symptoms, odds are she has no desire for "breakfast in bed."

The purported tipster further states, "Despite battling morning sickness, Kylie has been happy, excited and positively glowing since becoming pregnant." It's almost like HollywoodLies just picked qualities and occurrences associated with pregnancy and crafted the most obvious faux "exclusive" about Jenner. And in addition to the inconsistencies and generalized contentions, there's actually a tell-tale sign the online publication doesn't actually have a real "source." The blog goes on to declare that Jenner and Scott are "more than ready to welcome a beautiful baby boy or girl into the world."

But it's already been reported that Jenner is carrying a girl. If the webloid really had inside access, wouldn't it know that? One would think. But the fumbles throughout this story just prove what Gossip Cop has so often said: HollywoodLies is taking a hot topic, pretending to have insight and manufacturing fake news for the sake of traffic. And we have no doubt the site will continue to try peddling this transparent practice throughout Jenner's pregnancy. We'll be here to point out the made-up stories like this one.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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