Preacher Lawson Stand-Up Routine Kills It During “America’s Got Talent” Semifinals

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Preacher Lawson America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Preacher Lawson America's Got Talent Video


Preacher Lawson brought some much-needed laughs to the “America’s Got Talent” semifinals on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” is now officially in the fourth phase of the NBC talent competition. After the auditions, Judge Cuts and quarterfinals, the semifinals mark the second-to-last round. There are 21 acts left in contention, but only 10 can compete in the finals. To decide who should make it to the last stage, there are two semifinal episodes.

On the first installment tonight, Lawson was one of 11 acts who had to perform live at the Dolby Theater. Only five from this group of contestants, however, will make it through tomorrow night’s big elimination. That meant everyone was under huge pressure tonight, but you wouldn’t know it from Lawson’s hysterical performance. Host Tyra Banks introduced Lawson by pointing out that while most “AGT” acts have bells and whistles, he takes the stage with just a mic. And in his pre-taped opening bit, he said he’s getting recognized everywhere. Lawson cracked, “All my exes recognize me. They’re like, ‘Hey!’ And I’m like, ‘Too late!'”

He then took the stage to “Son Of A Preacher Man,” and admired all the photos of himself that were on display. “I don’t know who designed that but I like it,” Lawson joked before formally launching into his act, which was about being single and ugly. He quipped, “The longer I’m single, the lower my standards get… Now I’m like, ‘Who needs teeth?! You smile with your heart and that’s how all that matters.'”

Lawson then said he was so ugly as a kid, “From age 7 to 14, my nickname was ‘AHHHH!'” He went on to reveal that he and his girlfriend broke up because they couldn’t have kids… because they’d be too bad-looking between her big forehead and his big lips. “Don’t get me wrong, I still love Tyra,” Lawson added, referring to Banks. At the end of his set, all of judges were on their feet and Banks amusingly came out with tape to shut his mouth.

Cowell told Lawson, “I don’t know why you haven’t had the big break yet,” saying the aspiring star is deserving of a sitcom and “major, major gigs.” “You come on stage and make the whole place laugh… You’ve got it.” In regards to that “big break,” Howie Mandel said, “You are about to get it. You are going to get everything you ever dreamed of.” The fellow comedian added, “You show up with a mic, you show up with a personality, you show up with a ton of material. You show up with almost more than anybody on this stage.”

“You kill it every single time,” said Mel B. “You just ooze confidence and you are so, so funny.” And Heidi Klum was happy that Lawson didn’t seem as “rushed” as in the past. “Today I really, really loved it,” she said. Then it was Banks’ turn to talk. “You just came for me. What was that about?” she asked. Lawson said he was just trying to bring those with big foreheads and big lips together. Watch the video below!

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