#PrayForFetty — Fans Send Prayers After Fetty Wap Motorcycle Accident

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PrayForFettyWap Fans Fetty Wap Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

PrayForFettyWap Fans Fetty Wap Tweets

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Fetty Wap fans are trending “#PrayForFetty” after the rapper was in a motorcycle accident on Saturday.

As Gossip Cop reported, the rapper was riding a Suzuki bike in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey when the incident occurred. Wap had reportedly moved in order to pass a vehicle ahead of him, only to collide with an automobile coming in the opposite direction. Photos taken at the scene, which Gossip Cop has opted not to re-post, show the star sitting up and receiving oxygen from paramedics, before he’s moved via a stretcher into an ambulance.

There is no official word yet on his condition, and it’s not clear if he was wearing a helmet. It’s also not known if Wap’s limited eyesight was a factor. The performer only has one eye after losing the other to glaucoma, and now, unfortunately, a number of people are making jokes about that on social media in light of the accident.

Most, however, are sending genuine prayers and well-wishes, leading the hashtag to become the top trending topic in the United States. “Making jokes about someone who has been in a motorcycle accident is not even remotely funny,” tweeted one person. A different Twitter user pointed out, “You Cannot Say Its Just A ‘Typical Bike Accident’ Because A Typical Bike Accident Can Still Cost You Your Life.” Another said, “I’m not even a Fetty Wap fan but I hope he’s okay.”

A torn-up fan posted, “This man dropped so many hits over the past year, he can’t go just yet.” A Wap fan site tweeted, “He seems to be responsive, thank God. Keep him in your prayers, please.” Someone else wrote of the “Trap Queen” performer, “one of the most genuine rappers out right now. i hope he recovers well, sending prayers to him + friends and family.”

As Gossip Cop noted earlier, the accident comes just one day after Wap released his debut album. The timing led one individual to observe, “crazy how he was on top of the world yesterday and now he’s been hit by car.. praying for ya man.” Wap is pictured above performing at last weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. Gossip Cop will have updates.


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