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Portia de Rossi did not "warn" Jennifer Aniston to "stay away" from Ellen DeGeneres. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this ridiculous and false story. The "Friends" star is not interfering in the couple's happy marriage.

But according to New Idea, Aniston's recent dinner with DeGeneres, de Rossi and Courteney Cox was a "nasty" evening during which "tensions" between Aniston and de Rossi "came to a head." It's specifically alleged de Rossi became "suspicious" and "very heated" when Aniston and DeGeneres "spent a long time away from the table engrossed in a conversation." The tabloid contends de Rossi "confronted" Aniston and "accused her of being a bad influence on Ellen, and it just took off from there."

"It was a pretty dramatic end to the night and Portia seemed pretty angry," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. This supposed snitch claims de Rossi believes Aniston is "turning Ellen against her," and is "convinced that Jen badmouths her to Ellen." Why would Aniston do such a thing? The magazine tries to make the argument that since Aniston's own marriage to Justin Theroux recently fell apart, de Rossi "fears" she'll "advise Ellen to simply throw in the towel, like she did with Justin, and give her the wrong message." Again, why would she do that?

Alleges the purported tipster, "She's worried that Jen has given up on marriage and is telling Ellen to do the same." The story seems to hinge on the notion that the couple is having "relationship troubles," and Aniston may sway the talk show host to take action. But this premise is false. Gossip Cop already busted claims of a marriage crisis between DeGeneres and de Rossi earlier this month. An impeccable confidante, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record, exclusively told us that they've "literally never been happier."

It should also be noted that while a number of outlets reported about Aniston and DeGeneres' girls night out, not one reputable publication said anything about a dispute arising. As opposed to there being a public argument, E! Online reported, "Ellen was the life of the party.... The girls were really excited to see her, and she brought excitement to their dinner. The girls were laughing the entire night." It was also noted, "Everyone was in good spirits."

New Idea also fails to mention that the dinner took place after Aniston supported de Rossi at a launch event for her new art company. If there's such bad blood between the pair, and de Rossi "doesn't feel comfortable with Jen hanging around with Ellen," why would she have invited the actress to her event? Gossip Cop suspects the outlet merely knew that Aniston dined with the pair, and decided to manufacture a scandalous narrative around what was really just an innocent, celebratory night.

And comments from DeGeneres herself further indicate that fans should be skeptical of claims like these. During a recent segment on her show with Gwen Stefani, the comedienne noted that she "loves" being married. She also took a dig at the gossip media, sarcastically cracking, "I know that the tabloids are 100 percent accurate with everything they say." In other words, a happily married DeGeneres isn't contemplating splitting from her wife, and there's no reason to believe the magazine's claim that Aniston is "feeding Ellen twisted advice." Gossip Cop also checked in with Aniston's own rep, who exclusively tells us this report about an issue between her and de Rossi is "a complete fabrication."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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