Stars React To Pope Meeting Kim Davis – See Celebrity Reactions!

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Pope Kim Davis Stars React

By Andrew Shuster |

Pope Kim Davis Stars React

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Pope Francis I met with Kim Davis in Washington, DC last week. Now, stars have taken to Twitter to react to the controversial get-together between the Pope and the Kentucky county clerk, who was arrested after defying a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. See celebrity reactions below!

The Pope is mostly receiving backlash for meeting with Davis, as she’s been widely accused of hypocrisy. Davis claims her religious beliefs compelled her to uphold the sanctity of marriage, yet she’s been married and divorced several times, and has children with a few different men. Rosie O’Donnell expressed disappointment about the rendezvous, tweeting, “This makes me sad … of all humans 2 choose from frankie? – really ??” Alyssa Milano shared a similar sentiment, writing, “Nooooooo!!!!!! This makes me so angry! So everything he’s preaching is a lie!!!”

Joe Rogan joked, “Breaking news: Flamboyantly dressed cult leader meets crazy lady.” Andy Cohen retweeted a funny line from TV writer Gary Janetti, which read, “The Pope met with Kim Davis. Reminding gays, who were lulled into a sense of security after years of Glee and Bravo, ‘oh yeah they hate us.'”

Former “SNL” star Rachel Dratch said, “I was all Team Pope but this Kim Davis meeting needs an 80’s record scratch sound effect.” Andy Richter similarly cracked, “When you make ppl think you’re cool for a while & then you do something Pope-y.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more stars react to Pope Francis meeting with Kim Davis. Tell us below what you think about them getting together.


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