Police Remove Unwanted Visitor Outside Taylor Swift Home

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Taylor Swift Trespasser Music

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Trespasser Music

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Taylor Swift had the police again deal with another uninvited guest outside her Los Angeles home on Saturday. A singer-songwriter, who seemingly wanted to play his music for her, sat outside her front gate and wouldn’t leave until the cops arrived.

Swift’s security team first tried to get the unidentified man away from the property after he alleged he had previously worked with the singer. When that proved unsuccessful, Swift team called the police, who convinced the man it was in his best interest to move along.

This, of course, is the second incident Swift has had outside her home in the past two weeks. As Gossip Cop reported earlier in the month, police removed an unwanted visitor from around her home after neighbors complained about an individual lurking nearby. The man was taken to a local police station, but was ultimately not charged with a crime.

It’s unclear whether Swift, who’s in Los Angeles for Monday night’s Grammys, was at home when the latest uninvited person camped outside her gate. Unfortunately, because of news reports, it’s known where Swift’s home is located. At the time of the first incident in February, a rep for Swift told Gossip Cop, “It’s irresponsible for the media to publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of celebrities.” As a matter of course, Gossip Cop never reveals specifics about the locations of stars’ homes beyond noting just the city or state of the residence.


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