“Pitch Perfect 3” Delayed Because Of Elizabeth Banks And Anna Kendrick Feud?

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Anna Kendrick elizabeth Banks Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Anna Kendrick elizabeth Banks Feud

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Is Pitch Perfect 3 delayed because of a “feud” between Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick? That’s what one outlet is claiming after it was announced the movie’s release was pushed back and Banks will no longer direct. Gossip Cop can now exclusively reveal what’s real and what’s rumor.

It was initially said Pitch Perfect 3, with Banks as the director, would hit theaters in July of 2017. It was then postponed until August, before most recently being pushed to December. But due to the delay, the new production schedule interferes with Banks’ parental obligations, so she chose to step down.

RadarOnline, however, is telling a different story. The webloid claims a “secret feud” between Banks and Kendrick has “exploded,” leading to all the changes. Banks “was pushed out of the job by the movie’s star,” claims the site. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Anna hates Elizabeth, that’s why she left Pitch Perfect 3! The tension between them has been growing and it just reached a point where they couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

But the outlet goes on to prove just how little it actually knows when it writes that Banks “was not brought back for the third film” and had “claimed she wanted to spend more time with her kids.” Both of those statements are untrue and misleading. As Gossip Cop noted above, Banks WAS “brought back.”

She chose to resign, however, and not because “she wanted to spent more time with her kids,” but because the altered shooting dates conflicted with her children’s schedule. It really is as simple as that. RadarOnline is not only misrepresenting the situation, but also trying to sensationalize it with the Kendrick feud claims.

But a rep for Kendrick exclusively tells Gossip Cop the allegations are “ridiculous and completely untrue.” Furthermore, Banks’ spokesperson also tells us the report’s claims are “not true.” Additionally, Banks is still producing and co-starring in Pitch Perfect 3, which wouldn’t make sense if there was such a “feud.” Clearly, RadarOnline’s reporting remains out of tune.

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Pitch Perfect 3 has been delayed because Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks are feuding.


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