Pippa Middleton Refuses To Invite Meghan Markle To Wedding?

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Pippa Middleton Wedding Meghan Markle

By Shari Weiss |

Pippa Middleton Wedding Meghan Markle

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Pippa Middleton refuses to invite Meghan Markle to her wedding? That’s the claim coming from the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

“Prince Harry Triggers ‘Battle Royal’ By Squiring Meghan To Pippa’s Nups,” reads a headline in the current edition of the National Enquirer. In ridiculous language, it’s said, “Brit royal watchers from grrlies to grannies are nervously clutching their pearls at the big question looming over the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton’s pouty lil’ sis, Pippa: Will Prince Harry be permitted to parade TV sex siren Meghan Markle at the nuptials?!”

A so-called “royal spy” is quoted as saying, “Pippa flat out does NOT want Meghan at her wedding! Why? She fears the Hollywood star’s presence would absolutely upstage her — but Harry’s adamant! He insists Meghan will be at his side, or he’ll skip the whole affair.”

“Prince William’s siding with brother Harry, while Kate’s totally sympathetic to Pippa’s view,” continues the supposed source. “But interestingly, Prince Charles and Camilla are wholeheartedly backing Ginger Prince simply to stick it to Kate’s social-climbing mother, Carole, where there’s no love lost… because it could get a lot worse: Nixing Meghan from the nuptials could explode into a headline-grabbing ‘royal boycott’ PR nightmare!”

Please. Pippa’s wedding is not going to lead to a “royal boycott,” regardless of who does or doesn’t attend. And there’s a few fatal flaws in this article. First off, it has never been confirmed that anyone in the royal family will be at the wedding. Second, Markle has yet to attend a family event with Prince Harry. So to speculate about Markle’s attendance at a wedding that the royals themselves may not even attend when the future of the relationship isn’t even clear is, quite simply, absurd.

It seems the National Enquirer just wants to pretend it has royal insight. That’s why, in October, the supermarket tabloid ran an outrageous story about Kate Middleton taking Pippa to Las Vegas for a wild bachelorette party. Both articles should be filed under creative fiction, not news.

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