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One magazine is claiming to have exclusive details about Ree Drummond taking control of wedding planning for her daughter Alex Drummond and future son-in-law, Mauricio Scott. The purported details are interesting, but some things don't quite add up in the gossip. Here's the full story.

The Pioneer Woman Takes Charge

Ree Drummond is "blazing her daughter Alex's path to the altar," declares the National Enquirer. The young couple got engaged in August in a very cute way, with Scott popping the question with help of his future in-laws. "After a few weeks at the ranch, they were closer than ever, and by the end of the summer, Mauricio proposed," one tipster tells the outlet.

"Now they want her parents to plan and host their wedding!" they add. While the outlet didn't talk to Ree, Alex, or any of their family, it says that Ree and her husband are "already working out details for the summer 2021 nuptials." And by working out details, of course, it means nearly everything has already been planned. "They're organizing a huge feast," the generous insider explains. "It will feature lots of beef from the ranch, but they'll also have plenty of options for vegetable-loving Alex!"

"Ladd and Ree also plan to hire a great local band to play country music!" the anonymous source adds. Suddenly, the outlet then brings up Alex's legal troubles stemming from a speeding incident in 2017. "Alex grew a lot following that experience and was deeply grateful for her mom's support," the insider concludes. "Now she's happy to turn over the most important day of her life to her!"

Ree Drummond Could Plan A Great Wedding

While we can't disagree with the idea that Ree Drummond could put together an incredible ceremony, we do find issue with the veracity of this report. For one, the tabloid's source says the wedding's coming next summer, but as the Pioneer Woman site points out, it's currently set for earlier than that. "We have not decided on an exact date, but we are shooting for spring 2021," Alex explained for her mom's site. "We are planning to tour venues soon and hopefully nail down an exact date, depending on venue availability!" It's a small detail, but one that a real insider should've known.

Another odd bit in this story is the line about Scott deciding to propose to Alex after spending a few weeks together, but as their engagement announcement explained, he's been thinking about it for quite a while. "It was a surprise engagement, and Mauricio has been planning it for quite some time," Drummond wrote on her site, "and I have to say, he pulled it off perfectly. It was exciting!

We really wouldn't be surprised if Ree chips in with some of the planning or if the family has that big feast, but we just don't think there's any reason to listen to the ill-informed source of a tabloid over the Drummonds. They've only been engaged for a little under two months, and with the constant changes and closures due to the ongoing pandemic, we can't help but think that the Enquirer jumped the gun with this attempt at getting fans of the Pioneer Woman and her family to read its publication.

TV Rumors Aren't Trustworthy

There's also the fact that Gossip Cop has had to investigate and call out countless stories from the Enquirer before, and while the outlet's track record, in general, is shoddy, its television sources are especially bogus. For example, another "insider" previously told the magazine that Sharon Osbourne bullied Marie Osmond off of The Talk, and on a separate incident, the tabloid falsely reported that Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines' marriage was at risk over financial worries.

We even just took a look back at one of the outlet's past wedding reports — it claimed to have gotten some hot information about Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost's wedding last year. Unsurprisingly, this magazine has been wrong about everything from television personalities to family drama to weddings, so we're pretty confident in our dismissal of this report as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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